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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
So you think all the black guys are only fucking fat white women....You must live in the trailer park.... Have you been to a D1 university lately? Who dicks do you think the white Barbie Dolls are sucking? In you terminology "the Apes" aka Mandingo's.
 Quoting: Roll Tide, Aaaa-lA-Bama. 24811925

though zou do sound totallz racist, i cannot resit and saz when i hear mandigno i think prototipe of phzsical beautz in human males.

same thing happens to me when i hear bantu, or see my husband, though he is east african, somali prince looking...i had some point with this thread, but it escapes me since i am little bit tipy, i guess i should not drink and GLP, lol....aw zes, male beautiy comes in all shapes and sizes but somehow for me its always rapped up in chocolate looking skin, hihihi....

aw dont hate me coz i got taste in men, hate me coz my husband owns this huge, thick amazing penis which has to be the most beautiful penis ever made....ok that proves it i am officially drunk....calling it a night...lurking and keeping to myself....
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