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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
There are no black men, white women relationships. White women will not even look at black men. All black men get is white trash and that's the truth of the matter. What's more, black men, white female trash relationships are actually homosexual relationships. The white trash females love black men because black men are feminine. A black man will spend more time looking at himself in a mirror than a white woman. Pretty baby, mommy's pretty little baby. Goochie goo.

This is truth and it's a truth that everyone will agree to. Show me just one, just one case where that a respectable white woman has a relationship with a black man. There's none in all of history. As for the trashy white females, black men can have them because white men won't touch them.

The same is true for white men, black women relationships. Black women will never get more than a trashy white man.

Another truth is that black men will have sex with absolutely anything as will black women. This is proved through their relationships with trashy whites.

The crybabies will want to make this into something discriminating, but it's not. It's truth, it's fact, and it's evident all around.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25166254

the people u wld consider classz i wouldn-t ad vice versa, but i think u consider geourge washington classz, he had a black wife, i thnk it was washington, i hope i remember correctly, google it if you don-t believe me.

baraks mom is classy, she had a kid with a black man, and he was african not american.you know what i mean he was from africa for real as oppose to african american...
obama sure didn-t attend yale coz his mom was middle class white girl, we all know only rich peoples kids get into -important schools- ru by the man, so im assuming obamas mom is f rom the kind of family people like u wld consider super classy...

i dont consider myself trashy either...(ma husband is black, and he really black every possible way, skin tone, waz hes built, penis size, intellignece, personal air worthy of a king...etc everything about the man is truelly african), thank real god)
anyway, dispite what you might think im not trashy, coz i am punky, but never trashy, but its in bad taste to talk about myself so, off the top of my head be content with those two examples.....
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

You even write trashy. No, trashy whites never think of themselves as trashy, but that's what they are to all the rest of the world, trashy. 100% of the time trashy. Dressed up and standing with presidents, trashy. Obama's mom, trashy. You can want to be somebody, but you'll never be more than trash.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25166254

ok thank u for ur input.
um is this a thread where we discussed penises as well???
i remembered a really good rule of thumb when discussing penis size in a unisex situation.

until ur absolutelty sure ur man has a really big one, or if u have a son, just do not engage in this sort of disscusion, and ALWAYS maintain a stand point that size absolutely doent matter.
its not tellig lies per sei, its more like being matture about it - and not hurting ur mans/sons feelings....
if directly questioned about it - by ur man, firmly state that size is not an issue, ask him sternly does he think ur immature, and make a really offeded face, yes offense is the best difense in this case, and say, ur a wonderful lover, coz obviously he is, if ur with him....

if ur sons ask any questuion regarding human sexuality, tell them aw no do not talk to momma about the fact that ur having sex in the near future, ask ur dad and let momma think u will not engage i such activities till ur 30 and old enough to handle such intense feelings....

do the same with ur daugther, that is what dads are for, to habdle the really tricky situations, moms are just there to love them all, dad included:))

if u made absolutley sure ur man has a really big one just brag about it to men that try to abuse u to annoy the hell out of them...coz there is no way in hell really well endoved boys grow up to be women haters, they are to happy playing with their oversized love snakes all the time.

write this down people this is pure gold advice right here
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