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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Most white women who date black men are trashy and stupid. Just a fact of the typical mudshark. YOu may see a few white women who good looking. Heidi Klum for instance. She has sold her soul to the devil and in doing so agreed to do whatever Hollywood asked of her to maintain her fame. She procreated with a black to further the Jewish agenda. Because she helped the Jew further their agenda of race mixing she was promised fame. Hence the reason for a washed up model who is not anything out of the ordinary she keeps getting work and is presented as such a beauty.

Her jewelry business was a joke and scrumptious line of kids clothes is annoying. Everything about her is fake and annoys me to no end. Scrumptious? It is like they can't come up with anything original. She even was sued for copying her Jewelry design. Nothing special and nothing original about her and yet she is constantly given oppurtunities.

The real world is the exact opposite. Perhaps some white women thinks they will get endless money and respect like the famous racemixers but they get nothing. They think black men offer more but that is from being brainwashed by the media and just being shallow and following what thy think is the new thing. Very materialistic women.

This race mixing does hurt black women. How would you like to see the men in your race used by the media in such a way and abandon you in reality. It is wrong to do.

White men who date black women are the same in many ways. Materialistic, shallow and following a trend. They think they are special and something to look at it. They think they are so open and above everyone. They are just stupid followers.
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