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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
Most white women who date black men are trashy and stupid. Just a fact of the typical mudshark. YOu may see a few white women who good looking. Heidi Klum for instance. She has sold her soul to the devil and in doing so agreed to do whatever Hollywood asked of her to maintain her fame. She procreated with a black to further the Jewish agenda. Because she helped the Jew further their agenda of race mixing she was promised fame. Hence the reason for a washed up model who is not anything out of the ordinary she keeps getting work and is presented as such a beauty.

Her jewelry business was a joke and scrumptious line of kids clothes is annoying. Everything about her is fake and annoys me to no end. Scrumptious? It is like they can't come up with anything original. She even was sued for copying her Jewelry design. Nothing special and nothing original about her and yet she is constantly given oppurtunities.

The real world is the exact opposite. Perhaps some white women thinks they will get endless money and respect like the famous racemixers but they get nothing. They think black men offer more but that is from being brainwashed by the media and just being shallow and following what thy think is the new thing. Very materialistic women.

This race mixing does hurt black women. How would you like to see the men in your race used by the media in such a way and abandon you in reality. It is wrong to do.

White men who date black women are the same in many ways. Materialistic, shallow and following a trend. They think they are special and something to look at it. They think they are so open and above everyone. They are just stupid followers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26659232

all these years i though she was this relly sucessful business lady that turned everything about her into profit.

she is shrewish, she did marry a really wealthy old, shallow guy, with a really big gut, when she was only 24 to get the starting capital for her business, so i cld easily imagine that she did sell out to the satan, real satan of this world, wich wld make her a candidate for a saint in her next life, or the pope, u never know, lol....

she did kidnap my pan pal, years ago, and ran off australia hopping with him, and all i got were three middle sized emails, where he was laying to me that - no he dint meet someone- and course hed tell me if he doesnt want to be in touch anymore, and that he left work waiting - to reply to my email as soon as he saw it, coz he thought my email merited ASAP response...but i knew something was up, although i didnt dream in my dreams he was shagging heidi klum, mostly coz i never even knew who heidi klum was at that time, she wasnt on my radar...anyway...even her tattoo looks like a logo, so are u really sure she is not a very succesful, business lady?

frankly i was a bit surprised seal wld marry a woman like heidi, he seemed like such a solid guy, and even my pan pal broke up with her as soon as the novelty of sex wore off, and went back to being miserable again and chatting to me daily, lol

i mean she is good looking, course she is, she is rich, and she even has some sense of humor, but really shes no match for seal....

i wonder if he really left her, and she invented the sleeping with the body guard story, to spin things, so she seems badass, celebrities often do that...

it be bad for the product, the brand that heidi klum is, if the world would realize she gets dumpped too, just like the rest of us mortals.
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