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Message Subject Why is it rare to see white men and black women together ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ramdom question lol. I rarely see this.
 Quoting: CigarTigher

Cause you think to yourself. Does that white dude have a black sized cock or does that black lady okay with a white guy size?
 Quoting: sunspotkiller

You fools are diluted when it comes to dick size. Most men average out the same. Black or white, the statistics of having a massively painful dick are rare.

Anyway, I am seeing more and more black female/ white male course these days. Two white guys I work with have ack wives and they have better marriages than anyone I know.

Black chicks are usually bombshells. They are tough and street smart without being a fucking obstinant cunt about stupid shit. They can make sweet love as well as fuck like an animal.

I think deep down black girls really want love. There's no way they can get that from a black man. Nor will a black man remain loyal, work hard to support her, or take care of his kids.

It's a perfect mix. White guys and black girls.
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