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Message Subject Why is it rare to see white men and black women together ?
Poster Handle eve incogito
Post Content
people do not become thugs coz of their complextion, but coz the man is szstematicallz keeping them poor frustrated and with no other options but to become thugs.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

To some people, becoming a thug is no option, no matter the external circumstances. Blaming your own lack of morals on "the man" isn't going to help anyone, least of all you.

zour family made it dispite racims, but that doesnt mean that there is not racial discrimination.
if people living in the ghettos were white there wld be no ghettos in the modern american meaning of the word.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

We agree on the bolded part, you just think "the man" is to blame, I do not.

and most africian man are decent people, aome arent jsut like in any other race.
or are some of u claiming that someones completion is somehow related to him being violant or not?
that is plain sick tyo think that way!
if anyone is violant white males have a history of vioalnce, throughout HISTORY.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

War is one thing, casual violence in civil society during peace time is quite another...

I'm not "claiming" blacks are more prone to violence as if it's something I just made up out of my sick perverted racist imagination, it's a simple statistical fact!

I'm absolutely sure there are many blacks who are decent people. It would be strange otherwise! But far to many have obvious moral deficiencies. Blaming this on "the man" will not help set the situation straight. Taking full responsibility for it and rooting out thug culture among your people as the plague it is will!

To OP:

I'll tell you a little personal story so you can see where I'm coming from with my cautious attitude towards the black race.

My wife once found a new friend, a very beautiful and exceptionally bright young white woman. She spoke four languages fluently, and had TWO doctorates at the age of 23, in spite of having married and given birth to a child too! Pretty amazing!

We tried to socialize as two young families, but it was not a great success...

My wife's friend's husband was a black immigrant, and he and I had absolutely nothing in common, because he had the IQ of a bag of peanuts. What this exceptional woman saw in him I'll never know!

My wife's friend's son had absolutely nothing in common with my son either, he was too stupid to play properly, and would just kick, hit and shove my son, and tear down anything my son was building.

But the black husband wasn't just dumb, and speaking with the most retarded slurred accent I ever heard so you couldn't make out half of what he said, he was a moral midget as well. He was constantly making sexual passes at my wife as soon as his own wife looked away!

The whole situation was extremely awkward, and as much as my wife loved her new friend, she just couldn't keep seeing her, because her black husband and mulatto child were so fucking obnoxious!

But splitting up with her friend didn't stop her husband from "socializing" with us!

He would come to us in a drunken stupor in the middle of the night and bang on the door, demanding to be let in. It came to the point where we just had to ignore him until he tired and went away, because talking to him only encouraged him to come back the next night.

He and my wife's friend had two more sons in quick succession, all borderline retarded, uncivilized little monsters. And then he abandoned them all and disappeared.

What a specimen, eh?

Now the apologists will say he's not to blame, because "the man" made him poor and frustrated, and yada yada. But the point is, this was not a man from the ghetto in the first place! He was never downtrodden by "the man"!

He was actually wealthy as fuck! He was part of the "nobility" in his African nation of origin, a "tribal prince" if you will! And he had never seen hardship in his life, he was so accustomed to living the good life he hardly ever ate anything other than lobster, because he fucking loved lobster!

In short, he was not from the ghetto, but he sure created ghetto around him wherever he went.

I repeat I'm sure not all blacks are like this. But the statistics tells us black men are prone to abandoning their families, and when I see these numbers, I visualize this man and cringe.

Like it or not, he's an ambassador for the race, as far as I'm concerned.

That's why I'm extra careful with any black person before I trust them with anything. Any black individual will have to prove he or she is a quality human being before I want anything to do with them. This may not be fair to the good individuals (like you seem to be), but that's the way it works, when too many of your kin are ghetto trash.

Once again, blacks need to clean up their collective act, and blaming whitey for their own shortcomings is not a constructive attitude!

I may be racist to a degree, but I do believe blacks can improve themselves if they set their minds to it, because I believe strongly in the power of the human soul within them.

This power can overcome anything.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

i will try to keep this short and to the point.

there is nothiong wrong with my morals, in fact i am the most moral person i know, it's considered in bad taste to say that about oneself, but i can't help if that's the truth, and if you knew me, and you were honest ' both with yourself, and me, you would agree.

i am also a realist.
this too would ne clear to you if you knew me, but since you don't, for the sake of the argument, and since you can't know me, take my word for it.

i am also white, i just have very strong memories of my previous lives, as well as the one lifetime i was a black slave.

this too is true, whether you can understand and believe it or not.

no matter how moral or immoral i am, if i am kept in a jail type situation, or a slavery type situation simply coz i was of a certain skin tone, and the guy that enslaved me was stronger, and beat me up, and made me a slave, i'll say it again - no matter how moral or immoral, OR amoral i am, the guy that enslaved me just coz he was physically or politically, (which again means physically, coz the ones that have political power control the police and army), so the guy that abused his power over me to enslave me, and declare me a lesser being - just coz i looked different than him - is a criminal, and is to blame for my misfortunes and misery.

this is exactly what white man did to blacks, and do not play dumb with me - and expect me to think that you believe it's enough to abolish slavery and segregate black into slums and ghettos, and deny them the opportunity for education or any other job, than - again - servant to the whites, and think that you gave blacks freedom, an equal start as whites have - and that the only reason they do not strive and progress lies with them and their personal shorcommings.

so how ever you cut that cake, white man in USA, latin american countries that had slavery and south africa did terrible, unforgivieble crimes to black people, and we are still very much feeling the consequences of such attrocities and crimes.

any realistic white person knows this and admitts to this.

you, on the other hand sound racist and ignorant.
if you ever called my child a mulato, and my husband didn't punch you out, i would be very unhappy and would have to get my gun and pull the trigger and ask you again what did you call my kid?

if you said that nasty word "mulato" again i would have to shoot you in your foot, and this way teach you that my kid is not half anything, not a halfcast, not a mulato, and not a kreol....

luckily for you we would probably avoid all this, any husband i will marry would punch you out - to save me the trouble of having to shoot you and go to jail

i am glad you manged to meet such braniac and capacity of a woman that she was a moral vertical and a double PHD, how very good for you, i guess such perfect people live only in sweden, since most people i know get one PHD, aw ok, i knew a jerk with two PHD, in the UK, i suppose you are not eggagerating there are people who love school and love to over acheave and get two PHDs, so they can impress everyone with how smart they are.

so i'm glad you knew this woman, and i am sorry she had a cheating husband, but if you ever talked about africans that way in my presence i would have to tell you the same thing i will tell you now,

you are an IDIOT!

to talk with such prejudice, disdain and despise about all people from a HUGE continet, just coz you met one alchoholic, disrespectful, wife degrading, cheating man, is plain stupid.

unless you happen to know ALL africans then just SHUT THE FUCK UP.

that man was not a creep coz he was from africa, he was a creep coz he just is one.

since when did being a prince stop a man from growing into an asshole, louis the IV was a prince too.

african accents are absolutely sexy and charming, but that is a matter of my personal opinion, but to say that his accent was retarded, or whatever pejorative word you used is only prove of your inferior intelligence, and idiocy.

there are accents originating from the UK, THE HOME OF THE ENGLISH, which are hard to understand for other english people, as well as the rest of the world.

some irish dialects or sottish ones are like that too, and it's common knowlidge that wlesh have trouble undesrtanding each other, never mind anyone else understanding them.

when faced with an arish person, a person from manchester, african person, or anyone else who's accent i have difficulty understanding i listen, ask kindly of the person to speak slowly, so i could get used to an accent i am not familiar with and in no time get used to the way that person pronunces words and before i know it i am richer for the ability to understand a new accent in english, and btw, all english accent are treated equally at univercities that educate english linguists, they only ask you to choose one accetn and stick to it, they don't vcare if it's the way people speak in siera leone, autralia, or a heavy slav accent, or UK RP pronuncioation.

if, on the other hand, you thought he spoke swedish with a strange accent bare in mind, he might have learned swedish only recently and it was his third languge if not fourth or fifth.

many africans speak their tribal native tounge, french and english, and then the languge of the european country they settle in.

also, i am happy for you that you think highly of yourself as a white swedish A individial, but let me tell you that i've spent better part of this year in sweden, at the "hospitility" of your government, i was physically and emotionally and physically abused by an african who grew up in sweden, but let's say he brought his hostility towards loud women from africa, i was also abused by a serbian roma asshole, but let's say he is misogenystic coz he was serbia slav and a gypsy, but i was also both physically and emotionally abused by two white as lilly, swedish cops - who looked too big to beat an avregely built man, and make it look fair, but they had no problem with breaking my arm, insulting me, and taking me in for questioning, for other people attacking me.

all of this happened only coz i was running for my life, from really evil people that run my country and i made the mistake of asking swedish migrationsverket for help.

i am a medium built, woman, no krava maga skills, was unarmed, alone, scared, broken down and only wanted not to be touched. (physically touched by strange men)

my personal experiance thus proves to me that men are not assholes coz they are from africa or serbian, or sweden, they are assholes coz they are, unless they aren't.

this sitll doesn't mean that africans are statistically more often assholes than whites, and it doens't mean that boys in the ghetto become thugs coz they are somehoew more prone to criminal activities because of their african heratige, or, speaking of assholes, it doens't mean swedish men are immune to being assholes.

the establishment in this world was historically predominantely white and it went around killing of people of other color, taking their land and enslaving the rest of them.

this is simply the truth, and when i say "the man" is keeping africans down, i am not trying to be cute, urban hyp, speak ebonics -in a white girl wanna be black- cool way i am being dead serious and speaking the truth.
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