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Message Subject Why is it rare to see white men and black women together ?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
people do not become thugs coz of their complextion, but coz the man is szstematicallz keeping them poor frustrated and with no other options but to become thugs.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

To some people, becoming a thug is no option, no matter the external circumstances. Blaming your own lack of morals on "the man" isn't going to help anyone, least of all you.

zour family made it dispite racims, but that doesnt mean that there is not racial discrimination.
if people living in the ghettos were white there wld be no ghettos in the modern american meaning of the word.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

We agree on the bolded part, you just think "the man" is to blame, I do not.

and most africian man are decent people, aome arent jsut like in any other race.
or are some of u claiming that someones completion is somehow related to him being violant or not?
that is plain sick tyo think that way!
if anyone is violant white males have a history of vioalnce, throughout HISTORY.
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

 Quoting: eve incogito 27803051

Replace white men with British and you're right. The Irish were under the British fucking heel for far longer than that. We weren't just slaves. We were hung for celebrating our culture, raped and tortured. At one point the British tried to "breed" us out with First Night.

Fast forward a few hundred years and we come to America and we basically do the work the freed slaves were doing for pennies and room and board, treated like slaves. Oh, yeah, and we had indentured servitude. Basically, we got shipped to America in droves and then had to work off the shipping cost for the rest of our lives in service by building railroads etc. Basically slavery.

Wasn't just the Irish, the Polish (my other Ancestors) had to go through the same thing. The British got to sit pretty and drink their tea while the other "white people" slaved away in the ditches right next to the "black people".

Black people weren't alone, and there are cultures that have experienced it for far longer than 400 years. I've got slave roots that go all the way back to Ancient Egypt on one side, and Ancient Rome on the other.

So please take your "white guilt" somewhere else. This isn't me being racist. This is me tired of racism.

Power to the People.
 Quoting: Leslie Zevo

ok. i agree with everything you said about the treatment of irish in the monarchy, and oversees.
without any doubt it's all true.
that is precisly why, when marching on washington in '68, irish boys and girls wore pins that saii "kiss me, i'm irish", and why we never see "kiss me, i'm british pins",
still it's not the same, if you wld just listen to what i'm saying.

while the stereotype for irish is that they are happy go lucky, lovely people who might like to have a pint too many, ever so often, (not even a stereotype really, and not bad at all.)
correct me if i'm wrong, but at it's worst, irish stereotype in USA was, short tempered, have too many kids....

fast forward to 21 century, i was hit by a person 5 times physically stronger than me, not a year ago, becuase white people, and millions of them, over 400 years - were saying, chanting, shouting, writing, screaming, that west africans are "tall, physically superior but have smaller brains and have a face like apes."

did you begin, already to see how it is not the same being a poor white person, from an opressed country, or even an indian poor person from india, (not USA, however) as being black, particulary of west and south african decend?

tell me which part of it don't you agree with?

can you for one minute really listen to what i am saying, or are you used to making people blindly obey you, just coz you can, coz that doesn't fly with me, i demand to be treated as an equal, or we don't have to interact at all.

i assure you, i don't have white guilt, since i only look white, but don't really feel much white at all.
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