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Message Subject Why is it rare to see white men and black women together ?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content

Idk 1dunno1 All is fair on the internet and stuffs I guess.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19617445

Why would I troll? Doesn't make since, I am not some fat white guy. I am a chick living in Louisiana and I am not fat either. Why do people hate fat people?
 Quoting: CigarTigher

now why wld you assume anyone hates fat people?

it's particularly that paranoid attitude of over weight people, especially women - that makes me stop apologizing for not being fat, and say, leave me alone, do not talk to me and if you aren't happy join a damn gym.

i really do not think overweight is ugly, and obesety is clearly a disease, and a handicep, and it's a shame society doesn't treat it that way, but i do not put up with an attitude from skinny people, why would i let someone walk all over me justt coz they're fat.

the only people that hate fat people, are fat people...
part of the problem why they can't shed the weigth too.
i am exceptionally, and groutesqly hairy for a woman, yet i never assume someone haets me every time they make bearded lady joke, imply that women don't have chest hair, just coz they never seen my chest, or whathever people say around me regarding excess body hair in females.

why wld i hate a lovely, kind, intelligent, nice person who has lupus, or diabetes, or obesety, or any other chronic disease.

by the same token i don't hate fat people, still i wldn't let those people put me down, just coz i ain't fat, nor wld i lie to them and say they shouldn't, if they a sked me should they shed some weight.

fat people should get over themselves.
i understand that we are all sensitive to out physical shorcommings, but while a fat girl can choose to eat healthy and excersize and lose the eight, i cannot magically stop growing hair on my face, still nobody ever has to tip tow aroud my body issues, i never confront people for joking about it, unless people are tzrying to be mean.

(once we start getting mean to each other all bets are off, but i can not only take it very well i can also dish it out like a fucking pro)
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

I am sure that you are very beautiful woman. And yes fat people can control their weight. Laziness has a lot to do with obesity.
 Quoting: CigarTigher

really obese people are always hurting, i guess, and then putting on weight, but slightly over weight girls are the laziest worst lot of people.
the moment you put on a mini skirt they call "helping men bjectify you"

if you eat a cake, they wonder, "how do you eat 'more then me' and not gain weight do you barf?"

wear any bright color, "do you own anything elegant like black?"

i've also heard, i dress like a kid.
(make up your damn minds,do i dress like a bimbo, or a kid)

i overdress for EVERYWHERE.
(excuse me for not wearing big black sweats to EVERYWHERE)


after a while i sat down with my normally built gfs and we laid down the rule, if you are a mean bitch, no matter how chubby you are, you will be reminde that i have done nothing to you but been helpful and kind, and the only raeson you are being a royal bitch to me is probably your personal celulite issues, coz you dumb and can't figure out that even slim girls get celulite, you chubby little monkey!

after we started applying this rule, no chubby ladies were intrested in pointig out how skanky, flashy,overeating and burfing we slim bimbos are, ever again.


it might sound like i am egsaggerating a bit, i'm not.
i studied at an almost all girl's university, and worked in high schools for a decade, i wld on avrege spend much more time around women than men.

i am really tired of celulotocracy,commenting ones style and body goes both ways, butchubby chicks can only dish it out, and if you give it back, coz they expect nobody will be brave enough to insult a body of a chubby person.
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