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Message Subject Why is it rare to see white men and black women together ?
Poster Handle eve
Post Content
Muhammad Ali , Tells The Truth - 1971

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26433353

What is it ?

OP, do you date white men? If not, then why?

Even if you do, the people you should be asking are your fellow sistas. On this site, most people, statistically are white males. But ultimately, a lot of black chicks aren't into interracial dating, so ask them and report back.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11330901

I have a cousin that has dated 2 white males . I haven't dated anyone, but white males look more attractive to me. I don't know why. It's been like this my whole life.
 Quoting: CigarTigher

i know what u mean, only it's black men for me, and i'm white.

i lived in the UK for a bit, i a very bohemian surroundings so there were people from literally ALL OVER the world.

things did not work out for me so i moved away before i ever had a chance to start a relationship, but out of tibetans, chinese, japanese, english, french, american, australian,english, black, and indian boys....
i liked two boys one was black, one was indian....

i just really like dark skin, i find the contrast of pale and black skin pressed up against each other very sexy....

ina room full of men of any ethnic or racial deced, i will likely notice the chocolately looking ones, and chocolate comes in different shades, from caramel to really dark chocolate, but it's enver white...

white chocolate is not really chocolate it has no coco in it....

asian people are too cool for school, but they are also white, aren't they???

so really black and/or indian is what physically catches my eye...though i am not really big on how a man looks...

i get used to someones body, however he looks....

i dated some really ugly men that i adored, and some really beautiful ones were adored too....

i was jsut always careful not to tell my ugly bf they were ugly if i was mad, or they are old if they were much older than me....
 Quoting: eve incognito 27803051

of course you dont care what they look like, you just want a big dick. If there dark you assume they have a big dick. If there white its too small. Hence your comment, white chocolate is not really chocolate, "it has no coco in it..." lol. Ive seen your other posts, sound like a slut to me. just me being honest. Youd get ran through where I live, I just know it ;) not a bad thing, but dont dress a dog in cats clothing and call it a mouse. You feel me?
 Quoting: FlashMob

well, any girl if she's honest would like a big one, rather than an avrege or small one.
if she could choose.
but often a good quality man comes with a smaller one or averege one, and that is never any problem for most women.
women are much less shallow than you are, we are also much more imaginative....
i cld be happy sexually even with a man without a penis, question is, could he be as happy.

so a big penis is really more important for boys, rather than girls.

naturally a man with a big beautiful love snake feels good about it, growing up.
most men as they matture get over the size of their dong,wheter they are big or avrege or small, it's called growing up, i wholeheartedly suggest you try it.

you do not know many blacks, do you?
even before i slept with my black bf, who told me that not all blacks have a big penis i knew it was just a stereotype.

i have a tv set, i watched documentaries about pygme people.
see pygmes are black men too, tiny black men.

i didn't see any huge dicks hanging down their short bodies.

so it requires only to apply logical thinking and know that all black men can't have huge dongs.

also, knowing the world, the steretype, like any black teretype - was not invented to compliment brothers, but to degrade them.
to bring them down to animal level.

the white supremacist idea, they spread about slave men was, superior body, small brain, not too bright, huge dong, like a horse....

see any brother on the plantation that dared to act like a normal man, or even that spoke and understood english well was whipped.

only slaves, and this applied to women too, who pretended to be dumb were left alone....
people were beaten just for being too eloquent or learning to write...

one had a choice to act servile and dumb or get beaten d aily.

we didn't call them massa boss coz no one ever figured out it was master, or boss, we called them that coz if u didn't he'd peel the skin off ur back with a whip....

but u don't wanna hear that, it might turn a guy like u on.

anyhu, regarding the 'slut' remark, all i can say is, slut is a highly realtive word, and if u think i am a slut - then, i guess in your eyes i must be one.

personally, what i think about myself trumps what randome men say or think about me, and let me tell you i really do not think i am a slut.
make no mistake, you are entitled to your own opinion regarding my alleged sluttiness and your opinion has been noted.
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