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Mr. Obama, please quit saying the voters back your mandate

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8550958
United States
11/14/2012 04:23 PM
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Mr. Obama, please quit saying the voters back your mandate
Obama keeps insisting that since the majority of Americans voted for him, they obviously agree with his tax mandate. He is either stupid or thinks the American people are.

His people convinced females that Romney would take away their reproductive rights. Many women voted for him because of that.

His people (with the help of AARP) convinced the elderly that Romney would hurt Social Security and Medicare. Many elderly voted for him because of that.

His people convinced the Hispanics that Romney would deport them. Many Hispanics voted for him because of that.

The poor and the ignorant were told that Romney would cut their entitlements and they would be forced to work for a living. He got a huge chunk of their votes because of that.

The blacks voted for him because they believe that with one of their own in the white house, they will prosper because he will do more for them than he would for whiteys.

Obama used fear and bribery to win this election and he knows damn well that none of those groups voted for him because of his mandate on taxes. Every time he says that he is calling all of us stupid and I for one am getting sick of his lies and the fact that he actually expects us to believe them.


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