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Message Subject Is college or even grad/law school worth it even more?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Learn how to build software my friend.

Learn C++
Ruby on Rails
Objective C

Learn to use different IDEs such as Qt, Xcode (for mac development), Visual Studio (for windows development), Eclipse (Android Dev), you get the idea. You don't have to learn all of them. Just pick whichever ones you find the most useful. For example the Objective C + Xcode combination sets you up for iPhone and iPad development. Eclipse + Java sets you up for Android dev. C++ opens you up to do any freakin thing from video games and music to robots.

I'm telling you this because the only people I know whose heads are above water are the programmers. I know brilliant aerospace engineers working at chick-fil-a and mechanical engineers who are jobless and living with their parents. And yes they had internships. The college graduate situation is abysmal and I strongly advise you to instead put your nose to the grindstone and learn how to do software. The most successful person I know quit college and taught himself programming. Now he runs 3 highly successful companies and has traveled all over the world.

I recommend using the YouTube series from a channel called VoidRealms for learning Java, C++, and/or the Qt system for GUI development. The New Boston is another great channel for learning programming. Most books I've seen aren't that great until you're ready to start developing software for specific purposes (i.e. developing iPad apps in Xcode, that kind of thing).

Seriously consider this route. Software development is the only thing in high demand whether you seek to find a job or start a company.
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