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Message Subject Is college or even grad/law school worth it even more?
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
I hate to say it OP, but I do not think you have enough time left to finish an undergraduate degree (let alone a graduate degree) before the economic "system" implodes followed shortly after with what we refer to as typical American society imploding too.

If you seek any education, it must education that is practical: mechanical or medical training or training in agricultural practices.

My best advice to you is to secure employment in a rural community to make yourself known in the community and provide you with enough cash to rent a small farm with an option to buy. Then buy the farm with the best natural water source(s), soil quality, and timber that has southern exposure and a sufficiently long growing season that you can afford.

You need to get your hands on a piece of land that has acreage that can be farmed as soon as you are able to do so. Such places are rapidly disappearing from the market and they represent a person's best chance of surviving the events/circumstances/politics that are just on the horizon.
 Quoting: Biochemky

This is good advice even if nothing much happens in the near future.

Something bad will happen well within your lifetime though.
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