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Subject Every state filing sucession? To leave being a part of the United States? - POLL
Poster Handle Prophet.
Post Content
With the legalization of Marijuana, and congress/feds attempting to trump our constitutional rights.. yet again.

With the health care etc.? The piling debt?

I must say this was alarming?

[link to radio.foxnews.com]

Here it says

"The calls for secession have also drawn some backlash. At least two petitions have been launched calling for citizens who signed the original petitions to be deported."

Sounds like the bells be ringing the tune of Communism.

I've seen some other posts! I just wanted to be cool! Track a thread steady and see some feed back! What do people think about the succession?

Just because you don't want to be apart of the Fed? Does that make you non-american?

Or does it make you MORE American?

<3 Thank you


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