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Message Subject Every state filing sucession? To leave being a part of the United States? - POLL
Poster Handle Booted and Suited
Post Content
If you understand the original intent of the US, the republics (states) were supposed to govern as individual governments to begin with. We would, at times as needed, bind together temporarily (being attacked, neighboring states during a crisis, etc). NOT become the leviathon that we are today.

So, for a state to leave is actually the way it should be. Correction....there really should be nothing for a state to have to "leave" as it is it's own gub'mit. Framers of the constitution wanted power to be on the Local level (counties, townships, boroughs, etc) with the Fed only having the power to maintain a navy (military) and a couple other enumerated privileges as not to even remotely be able to overpower the people.

AND, for the folks who live in a state who don't want to leave the leviathon, you are welcome to move to another state, just as you are free to choose Coke vs Pepsi, Burger King vs McDonalds etc

Just my thoughts
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