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the instincts/mind gap and the bridge of the Heart

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11/14/2012 08:20 PM
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the instincts/mind gap and the bridge of the Heart
ordinary human beings can be understood as having 3 layers.
like music: bass, medium, and high frequencies.

the low band consists in instincts: survival instinct, sexual instinct, and ego oriented emotions (possessiveness etc)

the medium band consist in heart feelings: non-ego based emotions like compassion, tolerance, a state of harmony and peace with the surroundings etc
the heart frequency is in harmonic resonance with the frequency of Gaia. and is the source of what is called intuition.

the high band consists of the abstract mind. This band functions best in abstract realms, when one seeks a detached understanding. it is the source of what is called reason and logic.

the problem is that in this age, consciousness starts at the mind level. because the mind was the tool that was developed by humanity in this age.

unfortunately the primacy of the mind/intellect became a dogma. and nowadays almost everyone is lost in the mind's maze, over applying this tool in areas where it does not have competence.

furthermore, the classical distinction between subconscious/conscious has to do with the interplay between instincts and mind.
in the subconscious reside all the repressed instincts, desires, instinctual motivations etc.
they come to the surface disguised in thoughts that the unaware individual assumes as being of his self.
then he proceeds to apply the tools of the abstract mind to the best of his abilities to matters which can not be correctly assessed by the rational mind.
in this way the conclusions and justifications one reaches with the mind are fundamentally flawed, because he never questions the source of the premises/assumptions on which the reasoning is made.
any one with a basic understanding of how logic and reasoning works, knows that logic assures only the valid transition from premises to conclusions, not the validity of premises in itself.

the tool one has for assessing the reason, validity and source of one's assumptions and thoughts is the heart/intuitions.

the heart knows in a holistic/synthetic way. It feels when one thought stems from lower instincts, because it is inharmonious.

without the help of heart's intuition, the abstract/rational mind will try in vain to make sense of one's life, because it will continuously be fed by instincts with inharmonious premises, in a chaotic way.

when one is disconnected from the voice/wisdom of the heart/intuition, one is caught between instincts and rational mind, without a bridge.
he is on a crashing course and he does not even know it.

ever wondered why some people are in the right place and right time? and others on the contrary?
the first follow the voice of the heart which is in perfect harmony with one's surroundings. the second is caught up in the maddening ping pong of instincts and mind.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/16/2012 02:02 PM
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Re: the instincts/mind gap and the bridge of the Heart
I like the way you put that!