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Subject In response to the State petitions to secede.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
While it is perfectly understandable to demand States rights and to secede and no longer deal with a corrupted government. Corrupted in that Congress is treated ceremoniously, the Constitution being the Supreme Law of the Land is ignored. Where Wars are declared without a declaration of war which is required, and unconstitutional legislation is written, passed, signed, upheld and unconstitutionally enforced.

It is also important to acknowledge how we got to this point. We "seceded" pretty much from England, declaring our Independence due to England's own faults and oppressions against us as a people. From that, we have created a country for ourselves and put forth one of the greatest documents of all time, our Constitution. Which has been constructed over time to ensure power to the people who would be the true governing force, listed fundamental rights we've already possessed as further redundancy to state openly and loudly to all that this is what we can do and it should not be violated by anyone or any entity, and limited the power and scope a necessary evil such as government is meant to have.

However, since the beginning of our countries conception, there have been many who did not fully agree with that document. Many who would ignore it, ignore our rights, and attempt to usurp it and govern as if themselves were kings. From John Adams to Abraham Lincoln to the multitude of administrations of the past hundred plus years.

What this means is that the fight for our Independence, for our freedom has never ended. It has been ongoing. What this also means, if you look around you, is that the Liberty movement has been losing these past hundred plus years.

What does this mean? That we dissolve the Union and divide amongst each other? While there are pluses and minuses to everything, surely there could be a better solution?

Would the States secede and reunite under a new name and new laws? A new Constitution or remain individual?

If history teaches us anything, all such actions would mean is that, in time, the corruption being fled from would rear it's ugly head once more and gradually take over. Whether it's at a united level of the States, or within each State individually by themselves.

If that were to happen, what then? Another secession somewhere down the line, or States splitting in two through civil war?


As it stands, there is nothing wrong with our Constitution other then a few Amendments illegally ratified here and there which contradict the Constitution ( Having a Federal Reserve in charge of the monetary when the Constitution puts that power to Congress).

So what is the answer to correcting a corrupted Constitution and a corrupted government?


We the People are charged with holding our elected officials accountable for their actions. You may think you would be able to do this by voting them out. No. By that time the damage has already been done.

If the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and it is, and any actions by our elected officials, who work for us, act in violation of it, then that is a crime. A violation against the Supreme Law is a violation against the law, and no matter how you word it, law violators do not get time to see if they stay in office via election once they've violated the law, they are charged, tried, and judged accordingly.

If the States are responsible for their representatives in the Congress and the Senate, then they should handle them accordingly.

Until our representatives are held accountable for their unconstitutional actions via the court system, then whether the States stay in this union, form their own through secession, or remain independent, they will never defeat corruption.

You can not run from your problems, but must tackle them head on.

Should the States choose to secede, then they must acknowledge that unless they work to prevent what they are running from, from happening in their own systems, then it would be for nothing.
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