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Message Subject OPEN DISCUSSION ~ Random Thoughts or Ideas...Anything Goes...
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
Well it does go as such:

Problem - Solution.

Problem helluva war in the middle east
Solution - extraordinary new power base calls for peace.

If you look at the world today there are strikes everywhere.
Even in my tiny little mountain village in Africa there were strikes in the nearest town.

Make the world ungovernable and then offer troops and ORDER to stabilize it again and then you have THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


For me though we are moving into a realm so far beyond anything happening right now.
 Quoting: khoisansun

I agree anything is possible. I too believe we are moving into something that is beyond our comprehension.

There is just too much coincidence with what many ancient cultures/civilizations said would happen during the end times. It seems to be playing out exactly as we have been told it would. The most amazing part of all this is that people are so blind and/or completely apathetic. This information is available to all, yet they still won't even entertain the idea that it's happening...
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