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Message Subject OPEN DISCUSSION ~ Random Thoughts or Ideas...Anything Goes...
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
Recent dream:

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about the moon or rather moonsÖthere were three moons in the night sky right next to each other similar to Orionís Belt but much closer together. The moon in the center was full and very bright. The moon to the right was full as well but was dull grey color; Iíd say about half to three quarters the brightness of a normal full moon. The moon to the left was barely visible as it was under total eclipse and you could only see a faint halo. In addition to the moons I saw a couple other things. To the right and slightly above the moons I saw what appeared to the North Star on a very clear night. To the left of the moons at about the same height in the sky I saw what appeared to be a large meteor/asteroid streaking in. It appeared to be about three times the size of the planet Jupiter as it appears in the sky with the naked eye. However this was much closer. It was extremely bright, not quite as bright as the sun but it did make me squint my eyes when I looked at it and its tail was quite long and stretched behind the moons. I couldn't tell if it was in the atmosphere or just passing very close to our planet. I was standing next to someone but not sure who because my gazed was locked on the sky same as theirs. We spoke but I donít recall what was said and I do not recall what occurred before we started looking at the sky. I was trying to turn away and look at the person to my left but when I attempted to my alarm went off and I woke up.

I donít normally dream about things like this, at least not that I remember. I do remember some dreams but they are nothing like this one. I've been thinking about this one off and on since it occurred, trying to interpret the message within. I also had a water dream a couple months ago that Iíll post later.

What are your thoughts?
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