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Message Subject OPEN DISCUSSION ~ Random Thoughts or Ideas...Anything Goes...
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
Water dream from a couple months ago:

We were in a hotel room staring out the window at the road. It was daytime. The road level was above the ground level we were standing on; Id say 10 feet or so. The road was about 30 feet away, and there was a slope that had been landscaped with low spreading plants, it sloped down toward the hotel from road to a retaining wall that was about 3 feet tall. The wall was about 15 feet away from the window. On the other side of the road was a sheer cliff face. I could not see the top from our vantage point. We were staring out the window because the road slowing began to flow with water that steadily got deeper and deeper to the point it was making the slope and retaining wall look like a water fall. We could see water rising quite quickly outside the window and thats when I looked up to see the cliff face disappear behind all the water I am assuming was pouring over the top. At this point I turned to grab the person next to me and run away and I woke up

I do not know who the other person was; they may be the same person that was in my moon dream. I can never see a face and do not recall her voice. Some details I can recall are that she is about my height (510), has a slender build and has long, straight black hair.
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