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Message Subject OPEN DISCUSSION ~ Random Thoughts or Ideas...Anything Goes...
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
Maybe the poles are actually moving back to their original positions?

That would explain why archaeologists have found remains of tropical plants and animals in the northern and arctic regions of North America. Perhaps, when the asteroid hit that wiped out most the life on this planet, it caused the poles to shift to their current positions. I also think the impact of that asteroid could be what created the Gulf of Mexico and due to the fact that there was an ice cap near Central America, the Gulf of Mexico has the shape it does.

That being said, maybe the poles have been trying to get back to their original position ever since but the only way they could do that would be if the stars aligned perfectly so to speak…we’ll isn't something like that occurring this year?

Could this be the ancient secret that was lost through the ages? Did the Mayan, Hopi and countless other civilizations figure all this out millennia ago?

We all know they figured out the cyclical nature of our universe…is this the reason why they spent so much time trying to figure all that out?
 Quoting: Sol Neman

This is interesting. There is a bunch of Methane Hydrates in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Methane hydrates can only form under very specific physical, chemical and geological conditions. High water pressures and low temperatures provide the best conditions for methane hydrate formation..."
[link to www.isco.com]

Well, if an asteroid hit an ice cap over water wouldn't that cause extremely high water pressure? The temperatures would also be very cold with all the ice combined with salt water that was probably below freezing point since it's under the ice cap.

Another thing. Could a mass catastrophe, such as this, be the explanation for "The Great Unconformity of the Grand Canyon" or the so-called "missing million years when no rocks were formed or deposited?" An impact that great could have liquefied the crust so to speak and made everything shift around freely...thus causing it to appear as though a million years were missing. Maybe nothing is missing. Everything just shifted from where it was and when the new geological layers formed on the re-stabilized crust, they were made up of a completely different set of deposited minerals.

[link to www.lpi.usra.edu]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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