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Message Subject OPEN DISCUSSION ~ Random Thoughts or Ideas...Anything Goes...
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
Maybe the poles are actually moving back to their original positions?

That would explain why archaeologists have found remains of tropical plants and animals in the northern and arctic regions of North America. Perhaps, when the asteroid hit that wiped out most the life on this planet, it caused the poles to shift to their current positions. I also think the impact of that asteroid could be what created the Gulf of Mexico and due to the fact that there was an ice cap near Central America, the Gulf of Mexico has the shape it does.

That being said, maybe the poles have been trying to get back to their original position ever since but the only way they could do that would be if the stars aligned perfectly so to speak…we’ll isn't something like that occurring this year?

Could this be the ancient secret that was lost through the ages? Did the Mayan, Hopi and countless other civilizations figure all this out millennia ago?

We all know they figured out the cyclical nature of our universe…is this the reason why they spent so much time trying to figure all that out?
 Quoting: Sol Neman
thread> Atlantis is Antarctica as Giza was once the north pole...the moon is a floating regulator now,the poles wont vary much anymore unless the moon gets pulled out of orbit...then its SHTF time again..
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

Interesting...thanks for the info! I believe there have been multiple pole shifts and they can be caused by multiple things.

I agree with your theory in part...Giza could have been the North Pole at one time; that would explain a lot of archaeological questions. Atlantis being underneath the ice sheet covering Antarctica sounds reasonable enough and plausible, so I am going to look for more information about it. With that said, I think the Moon being pulled into orbit and Giza being the North Pole are two completely different events at much different times in Earth's history. The Moon has been around much longer than your theory would allow.

Now, as far as the Moon being able to cause a pole shift, I completely agree and will even go so far as to say the Moon did cause a pole shift when it got pulled into orbit. It probably had an effect on the tilt of our axis as well. Just look how much the Moon affects us and the planet on a daily basis!

I think it's impossible to comprehend the kind of chaos that was caused by the Moon when it was pulled in. Try to imagine the first tide that rolled in; that'd be a massive tsunami that didn't recede or an instantaneous sea level rise. Add the sudden change in magnetic force; all creatures, especially fish and birds, would be affected in a huge way. Then add on the change in the gravitational forces affecting everything all the way down to the molecular level. My guess is that everything was being compressed and/or ripped apart at their core. Needless to say, if there was any life on the planet at the time it was almost completely wiped out. Only the most simple of life forms would have been able to survive.

Last thing...the fact that the Moon wasn't mentioned in some ancient texts doesn't mean a whole lot. More likely than not that's because we have not translated these texts correctly, and large portions of the text have been lost forever or the information was never written down to begin with. Think about how much information/history has been killed or destroyed by disasters caused by man and nature. Lack of documentation does not always mean lack of existence. That only means we have not found proof yet...
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