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Stand your ground ......

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11/14/2012 10:50 PM
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Stand your ground ......
This may be a bit of old news but you remember George Zimmerman the captain of a neighborhood watch that Shot the suspect in a ring of burglaries in his local area. True he used lethal force (extreme prejudice)
And the then suspect was lane to rest after he assaulted with a formed weapon (fist) the known captain of the neighborhood watch.
First off if you looked at any of the evidence or heard the testimonies you would see that Zimmerman was well within his rights to use lethal force being civilian or on duty patrol as witness accounts state that tayvon Martin assaulted Zimmerman and proceeded to pumel him when he was questioned on his intentions for the evening, asking what he was doing.
When Zimmerman felt tayvon reaching for ( not nece for him
To have touched it) his side arm he up held order and put that creaton to death. The ironic part is with all the hooting and howling the simplest fact was overlooked by those bleeding heart fools .... The burglaries stopped when Martin died. MeAnimg that if brought in for questioning in regards to them as was going to be the case he would have been found guilty.
I for one thank Zimmerman for saving the nation the burden of a future prison Prag preying on our youth. Also a valuable leson learned if you fight the law (any branch) they have legal right to use extreme prejudice/lethal force.
Hey maybe if all the belly aching fools would spend half as
Much time teaching thier youth as they do whining complaining and bellyaching .... Maybe the penal system wouldn't have to.
Jus sayin


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User ID: 1351603
United States
11/14/2012 10:52 PM
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Re: Stand your ground ......
Who is Less and how can we help him?

Less Paul?

Wait Paul is dead. Peter (smirk) and Mary (smirk) aren't doing too good either.

Find Less quick! And FFS you must help him or die. hahahaha