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Message Subject Who is this 'Nobody'?
Poster Handle 3
Post Content
I bet I don't get a straight, sensible answer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18999950

An Ing that knows everything thats going on, where most people are totally fucked, and filled with nonsense and shit....

He is one of those people who let everything go, and farted all of the shit from his head out of his mouth and got rid of it all....

he now follows God..... and had to choose what everybody would see "futile" and absolutely insane.... Those who truly know him know differently.... They see the spirit within him, and know it's nature.....

Basically, as simply as one can make it.... the nobody is the representative... of the universe.... "in training" and ready to do whatever is required of him to rescue not only his own soul.... but anybody else who chooses they want to become a nobody with him ( and break free )......

All will be revealed soon, and once you have tasted what the nobody knows.... you will soon fart the shit that has been in your head out, and maybe even barf a big nard if you are heavily infected..... which in truth.... most of us are...

The Nobody is the you that you forgot that you were, before you became tainted and full of the lie that was created all around you..... we all fell for mr snare's horrible trick....

well..... mr snare's time is almost up././.....

Its time to go fasting in the wilderness
 Quoting: TTT 373977

Top of the class..
And as Bob Dylan foretold, man invented his own doom..

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