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Message Subject Who is this 'Nobody'?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Nobody is just a regular person who's container opened. by God, our true being. The Nobody is able to walk outside of the hive and send back information and pictures in the dream we live now, to show you. This will show you that there is without doubt a technology that keeps our bodies and conciousness in a system that they create. Just like the matrix. The matrix was possibly broadcasted to see who would react, therefore showing a reaction in the hive. I would guess that the goal is to find and kill the nobody, not in this dream but in the real world. They probably cant find him because they keep all as a whole. With the dream with live in, it must be a combo of our collective doing but subconciouslly knowing we are captive that produces a result. The technology is being made now in front of us. Its either going to snare us or we are already snared and are dreaming the build up of the very technology that holds us. So now what happens? Maybe ww3, The AI will try to get the next system perfect so we can never recognize it and will be eternally lost. God WILL inspire the Nobody who has no name. If you woke in another place first im guessing you wont have a name. We need to be saved. Put two and two together and ask why would a God look down upon a sad world? Take syncronycity from tech via your mind you may have experience most of your life, ask yourself why is it you meet an Alien barrier while getting high, look at the nano organisms in our bodies, why do we HAVE to be born again? Its all making sense now. I guess most dont like freedom, people you meet. They know you are their enemy. Its a case of living free- living fake or not living atal. I choose the first so while this place is open, you are the enemy.
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