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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle jj24seven
Post Content
read everything...has alot of information for those awake!

she's telling something.... in my belief we have to "speak it outloud and claim it"... for example I want to lower my debt... I say it outloud (what i want) because my words will have POWER and i ask in my father name amen.

the devil was the leader of god's choir! doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure he'd use music because in my church music pushes all the negative away. the devil is puahing his agenda through music! if you're spiritual that's easy to figure out....now i have a brain buster!!!

GAVE ME CHILLS!!! please forgive me for posting this below but i was doing my own reseach (louisiana sinkhole tied to gulf spill & madrid faultline) listening to the song say "over seas war"

i just noticed rolling stones "crossfire hurricane" premires november 15 9/8c so naturally i went listen to "doom and gloom" (lyric video) which speaks of&#65279; louisiana,plane crash, oversea war, oil, fracking, booms<- 3 to be exact! Noticed clue words DARKNESS,LIGHT, NIGHT went look up meaning of crossfire *two starting points come together to make contact*... awake people have any clue? hurricane happend and we know they tell us.... doom & gloom (the single) was released in usa, on youtube: Oct.11,2012

**GRRR!(the ablum) is released on 12 November for the world, excluding North America, and on the 13th November 2012 in North America. <---WTF?? WHY THE HOLD UP!!!

we've seen it happen! with lil wayne video and shooting, tila was most likely TOLD what to do in order to make a check...comes a point in everyone life when they wake up and grow up... this may be a new starting point for her and she seen artist supressed, only to sing what they were told, dress skimpy, act dingy...y'all catch the point? something big is in thw works and "through the music and people singing it outloud" it grows POWER
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