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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle RoseTyler
Post Content
She's still a person though. Maybe she wasn't raised like you and I were, and never told of the consequences of sexual immorality. But all can be forgiven. The only non forgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which is, according to many pastors denying Christ as savior.

hey young lady, you can still find the answer you seek, which is pure love from above...

[link to peacewithgod.jesus.net]

And I risk a ban for this...oh well, I must tell those who are looking for an answer to this very hard life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25512421

Oy! How come you bible thumpers think people aren't aware in this day and age about the various "salvations" out there?
No one needs to be saved by you or your god. Believe in silence, please! People who are interested will find their way, without you and your kind needing to bother the rest of us with the garbage.


I'm probably taken as a shill due to my previous post. But I gave it an honest try to listen to what she had to say, but I really didn't hear much of value. I could only sit through so much of how she's the only one blah blah, and how she was set up with those shows. That doesn't tell me anything, and it could still be a lie.
If anyone would like to make a list of what's worth knowing, I am all ears. Or eyes, as it would be.
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