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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle kinich kan balam
Post Content
Insiders/Elites that sit at the table = Prior Knowledge of 9/11 = those forewarned
Insiders/Elites (wannabes) who work for above= Drones, as Tila says...
(Trying to put all this together-bare with me)
Whistleblowers = don't have all the information but good hearts and minds and ready for embracing big change; crazy enough to think they are to be "chosen one" to the New Earth
Those left behind are the insiders who (the whole left behind series for example) are guilty of masterminding 9/11 or take part in the brainwashing via their type of work... they might not even know it. Whistleblowers have a magnetic personality.

Insiders forgot why they came back here in the time loop, like they got something to prove and it has to do with making money and being famous but they don't remember what that was. Its as if the second death took them they take vengeance pride in God/Not God too much and hate the believer as much unbeliever, but especially they hate their own corporate slave drones who may have been step up to die on 9/11 anyway. Perhaps some had identities changed or deaths faked so maybe they live on on base somewhere with a new life.

Reptilians as tall blondes = Chanes = Quetzalcoatl = Enoch enlightened time travelers, He of the Serpent Lineage, snake light craft special metals technology = 13 x 20 sacred ritual calendar on back of Ahau rattlesnake,loses fangs in 20 days. Jesus Christ is our Alien Leader or Reptilian whistleblower Alpha Prime, descended from ADAM whose immediate family buried him in the Great Pyramid then moved him to Gobekli Tepe for a more ancient and proper burial

Reptilian whistleblowers = those who know their DNA to be Alien-human-christ all their life who fulfill prophecy through incarnation/walk in of being human part human and part alien from another time/parallel earth. They can be here from the future and the past simultaneously, this is the transition of a starseed aquiring clothes of light that allowed Enoch to travel in time. We are ascending into the fifth dimension and our dna is being reseeded or translated by the earths vibrations that is also being translated,the breaking of the world. Whose who have been here before old souls and came back to kick ass (for a reason)
Pleiadians = Trinity of stars beneath Pleiades www.hiddenrecords.com show these were the Star system of the Gods /sky teachers who came to earth in three voyages, 200,000 90,000 and 17,000 years ago according to Wayne Herschel. The three stars of Orion's belt point the way. Our Earth and Mars is covered in star maps showing where the "Pleiadian"s called also the Nomo, the Monitors, the founders, the Chanes, the Greys may also be the same. Part of their heritage is three red dots.
the NINE = Earth shadow government?; may also do the crop circles in connection with awakening/enlightening the earth-mind. The nine gods to descend came in the form of 9/11. God of the 9 strides, a war god, 9 moons = 270 days;9 moons time moriancumr/ether/kan bahlum waited before Ascending the throne at Palenque. The planes were maya fire-serpents swallowing people up in the day of fire renewal whole/ day of resurrection / day of truth. the day of judgement is the time dialation for revealing how dense the wormhole at the end of history is, the secret information that encoded 9/11 is the Y2K problem +Phantom Time Hypothesis + Disclosure Project + Fulfillment of Revelation + Nostradamus + Second Coming of Christ + the star maps to Humanities Origins + the fulfillment of the Fifth Age Ending? soon in 2012. All that's left is to explain how Arthur C Clarke was an "INSIDER" with and persuaded to write Renedevous with Rama with its future 9/11 code. so, was H.G. WELLS, he was a Freemason/Insider who staged the event of 9/11 minus-Tom Cruise- with his pen in 1895, WAR between the LORD OF WORLDS involving Orion's Belt Stars.
Can I get a Men in Black video posted as proof of the spoof?

Go see Wayne Herschel Hidden Records for the TRUTH, as near it gets
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