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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle thetrickybigguy
Post Content
i am not surprised at all...1rof1

you think somebody THAT hot gives a flying fuck about anybody around here?

 Quoting: thetrickybigguy

hot? go to porn hub and enter her name and watch how important she is. cum shots to the face by sleazy white trash porn guys. riding a vibrating stool on howard stern, etc. no glp is pathetic -- she stood you zombies up and the austin bullhorn refused her many times, despite her begging to be on his show. she writes about it on her little blog. see where you and this site stand? at the bottom
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27553751

she didn't stand me up MF'er cause i could give two shits about some attention whore ho....

yeah, you got me fucked up with some of these other idiots around here no doubt....

so how bout go back to 'porn hub' where YOU have obviously been spending time and STFU...fuckoff2
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