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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle SMHatFools
Post Content

 Quoting: Phennommennonn


I don't trust her, sorry. I've made a thread in the past distinctly detailing why I don't.
 Quoting: Leslie Zevo

She never advertised the fact that she was going to be on GLP's show, she didn't do that for the Pete Santilli show she flaked on last week.

If she doesn't advertise it she can claim "I never set that up, it was 'the others' trying to make me look bad"

She wants to lead the movement and doesn't want anyone to answer to. Look at the URL of her Radio Show it's "Tila Truth Movement" and her intro of it says the same along with some canned clapping. She's a fraud and I'm glad more people are seeing it as she hurts the truth movement.

If she's made the face of the movement like she wants, when she crumbles and gives up (or ditches it for a TV show) the rest of the movement would be seen as a big of flake as she is. Everything she's done has failed because she's a pathological lying sociopath. Sounds harsh but it's sadly true.

Actually she just revealed her true nature because she just posted on her Facebook page. Was it an apology? Of course not, she NEVER has apologized for missing interviews or even whole entire club appearances, her post was a trying to be seductive picture of her in front of a fireplace entitled "Even in Darkness there shall always be Light". So of all the "important things" she knows and has to tell, selling herself as a sex symbol is more important. There's the truth.
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