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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
she cant feign she didnt book us

i have screenshots & documented communications. posted 2 of them here

i also spoke to her from 4am to near 6am - and i have a record of that said call.
 Quoting: Phennommennonn

as i just said, the issue is not about the "no show" but about the "second chance" to be sure she is full of shit or not.

get back to my example of no show at job interview...it's not always your fault...but its your choice to crucify her on the first attempt or to be sure if she's real or fake on a second attempt.

i guess it requires lots of maturity to give a second chance.

i dont run for tila or whatever, i stand for the principle of "second chance", just look back at your life, and remember the second chances that were given to you all along your life.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15574462

The fact that Phennommennonn is saying they talked to Tila for nearly 2 hours and still not wavering is showing that it's not about Tila not getting a second shot because of circumstances beyond her control, it's because she didn't respect the first shot she got.

If you have a job interview and you're late because of something beyond your control you call them while held up and give them a proper excuse and explanation, they'll usually respect that. If you show up late and then rattle of 15 unbelievable excuses as to why you were late and then act blase about the whole thing you probably won't get a second chance.

Tila's "excuses" sound horrible. "I couldn't log in (although I made a FB post 1 hr before the interview) so I went to my friend's house whom the Illuminati had already hacked trying to trick me earlier but they knew I was there so they blocked me again". That has been Tila's excuse for everything, static on the radio show, no that's the Illuminati. "I only acted like a slut on TV because the Illuminati made me, just ignore the pictures of me running around in my bra from last week cause that disproves my earlier statement."

GLP gave her a shot and were more open-minded then I thought they should've been, but that's a credit to them for wanting to give her an unbiased forum to speak so that they could find the truth, so the fact that they're saying "no more" is a statement of all the facts and not just policy.
 Quoting: SMHatFools

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