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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These videos being posted on her youtube don't make any sense.

Tila just got done with a tour? What? You can go to ticketmaster or any concert venue website and see that there is no tour dates on any of them for her!

Look here:
[link to www.songkick.com]

Last concert was April 7th, 2012 in Ontario, Canada.

And it's not like she's ever really done a real tour...
she's done one show a month or so for years!

I believe some of the videos being posted on her youtube are old videos that someone else is posting! or she is mentally unstable and actually thinks she just went on tour? She doesn't even have a large fanbase anymore! or an album!

She's only done TWO SHOWS THIS YEAR IN 2012.

One in March 2012, and one in April of 2012. Bother were in Canada. There is no other information about her touring on her website or any ticket venue place since April of 2012. SO WTF IS GOING ON?

I have a feeling Tila is already dead, and someone else is uploading videos she did before her death....until the others want to let the world know Tila has died.

I have a good friend in Hollywood who use to always hang out with Tila, and was her right-hand man. She hasn't been in contact with him since December of 2011, which is highly unlike her. He's tried calling her but her phone was disconnected. He was there for her during Casey Anthony's death and everything... this just isn't making any sense!

PHENN did you actually talk to TILA TEQUILA on the PHONE? or just through text messages? Anyone could be behind her phone...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25375516

You guys seem to be avoiding doing any reading in this thread. Tila Tequila is a LIAR. Plain and simple.

You want to know why she says she's on tour but you can't find tickets to it, because her "tour" is going to a club in Canada for a hosting appearance. They don't sell tickets to that. She shows up, sings along to 1 song on a CD and sits in the "VIP" section. People pay to take their pictures with her. She did this in Canada and Germany, you can see the pictures on the FB pages of clubs such a Go Parc and others.

As for your friend who was her 'right-hand man" she burns all bridges, that's why she has no friends. Tila Tequila is alive and lying her ass off. After GLP exposed her as a truther fraud she posted "I'm taking some time off to do things offline". She lasted 24 hours before she started posting pictures of herself and half-naked videos for the attention she craves. All the stuff she said the Illuminati made her do.

Read the posts in the thread and do research, Tila is a liar, that's all she is and it's her own words that catch her in lie after lie after lie.

Edit: Here's what I'm talking about...

I fucking hate superficial pictures. But it's a good way to "distract' when you're trying to lay low from the "heat" if you know what I'm saying.... ugh.... can't wait to get back to what I REALLY like to talk about. I just needed to wait a little bit longer til things "Settle down" a bit. Don't ask. Good thing I can act because posing and having to get into "CHARACTER" gives me major hibbie jibbies...... anyway gonna go read now.
 Quoting: Tila Nguyen on Facebook

This is after she had posted a video of her topless in a thong and a picture from a photo shoot that she had just taken in Canada. Included in the shoot is her doing the fingers around the eye symbol that everyone is so quick to say "whomever does that is part of the Illuminati".

So she does a photoshoot for money, posts the picture online for her fans to say "OMG ur so pretty!!!" then denounces it as "ugh, I hate those type of pictures". If she really hated them, why does she continue to take them? She's said numerous times before that she doesn't need the money in the 5D dimension that she's living in.

And yet despite lie after lie after lie a lot of you are making excuses for her and ignoring her own contradictory words.

BTW, the FUNNY part is the "heat" she is letting "Settle down" is the missed interview from GLP, all of this has happened since that day. If she was telling the truth, why would there be heat she needs to let settle? You would think the Illuminati keeping her from "speaking out" would be something to push, not run away from.
 Quoting: SMHatFools

She's mocking them?

Tila on Mad-Tv
[link to www.youtube.com]
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