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Message Subject GLPVC Presents - Miss Tila Tequila (TILA NO SHOW) **Response pg7**
Poster Handle Mister_Worlwide
Post Content
shes counter psyops. look at her 'relationship with the fatman'.

anyone associated with the fat bull horn guy isn't credible.

no one is chasing her. no one is harassing her. no one is stalking her.

if she was really living in fear, she wouldn't be posting seductive, happy happy joy joy videos on her facebook and youtube.

she has a gozillion fans. it's endgame, tptb are trying to get everyone aware of their illuminati cabel. the way to do it is through celebs.

she didn't come through for GLP because at the time she accepted, she probably thought GLP was on the same side. Her handlers stepped in, and made her blow the show off because when you're not controlled media they can't control the flow of information.

even with her apologies and excuses, you can see this was orchestrated & coordinated.

if they we're really after her, and if she really broke away, she wouldn't be traveling abroad (she claims shes broke), she wouldn't be buying multi disposable phones with international cards), staying in lavish hotels and so on.

they would have silenced her permanently.

she is a useful idiot. a tool. she's part of the grand deception. and you're all falling for it.

especially YOU apollo. you are one huge jackass. you claim to know so much, when in fact you know very little.

separate your antiquated belief systems and apply THEIR rationale. only then will you finally be on the same page.

take heed people. you're being had.
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