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usa is drowning in its own greed

User ID: 27792927
11/15/2012 05:05 AM
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usa is drowning in its own greed
greed and speed to get rich as quick as possible is usa cancer.banks should never be allowed to run any country,and stock market should be outlawed.thanks to einstan and others for nukes which is a gift from haven to cannonon foder masses.capitalist system is on life support machine which was creating major wars to prolong its greedy life,thanks for nukes wich have unpluged life support from this rotten system.if man claims that he is so intiligent,why are we pointing missiles at each other.man is most stupid creature even created.whoever is responsible for this creation should be jailed for ever.what crisis sun shines rain rains grass grows,climate is manipulated by stupid man,ops this time we got it wrong it should not hit us.what a laugh.