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Message Subject Incident within 24 hours
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Dear people,

An incident within 24 hours will spark the next escalation of this conflict. When three powers are battling against Israel then get prepared fast.

Also, dont forget Iran already has her nuclear program in North korea. Crippling Iran with sanctions and destabilizing Syria is just to make things easier.

Before the weekend is over, World War 3.

Ok, to be more specific, rocket(s) fired from another location then gaza and the movement of troops / unexpected move of another player who will not partipate yet.

Worst of all, it is all planned in one way or another, at least timed as far I know.
There is also a truth in 21-12, but not like everyone thinks.
You be surprised (not shocked) if you knew all and at the same time excited.

Stay tuned!

PS : Not to be funny, some people talking about uncles who tell them stuff, it could also be other relatives.


William Greenert
 Quoting: Voyager 11635668

please enlighten us then on the bolded quote
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27446438

Don't want to talk crap, but please, let we wait until the things I mentioned happened. Then that story (bolded quote)is more credible than it is now.
There is a lot of things happening now that will keep everyone occupied and on the internet instead of waiting for an explanation from me, im a nobody.
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