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Message Subject Incident within 24 hours
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, what you guys want.
I will give the explanation.
But read ALL of it, or don't and then don't respond.
Warning, it is the biggest bull shit story you ever heared.

Also, a revelation that will piss some people off, but probably no one would believe.

In short:
Another top "official" or how you want to call those guys doesn't matter, is going to be killed.
Probably within the time frame i mentioned, but no later than monday. And o, it is possible it isnt anyone you would excpect.

After that, the situation escalates fast, even faster than expected. Eventually things will get out of hand so bad, a country I rather not mention is going to use a weapon I don't even dare to type it's name and what it does.

The date we realize what we have done comes close to the date everyone is exciting about. Dont get to excited.

How I know all this?
Here comes more BS, read on.

It's all about dreams.
I posted a long time (same nick) on another forum, where some people thought I was psychic, and other people insane.
When there were messages like : "rumours of this and that is about to happen", I would post which ones did going to happen. Some saw it as predictions, others said : Those messages were already on the forum. Hell, almost every doom prediction is on forums, but to pick the ones that do take place is a different story.

Some direct hits that you probably cant verify anymore?
The space shuttle disaster, the tsunami of 2004 and lots more.

When you dream your mind goes in quantum state. If you can have lucid dreams, and I am not talking about lucid, but really hardcore lucid, you can see possible future events. The shorter the time between dreaming and actual pre occuring events, the more chance it will happen.
If you can add 1 + 1, you are right, I sleep not 8 hours a day, but more often shorter. Like 6 times 1.5 hours or even 8 times one hour, just to see what is awaiting us and combine my experiences from the "real" world with the dream state.

I was often looking to share my "experiences" or warn people in some way. Problem is, in some cases these so called predictions are way off. I already knew that from the beginning.

You can easily verify all the (or some) of the wrong predictions i have made together with a fiend on mine.
They are posted here : [link to www.johntitor.com] .
How is that for bs?

But what can you expect.
Im just a nobody, another lunatic on a forum.
And all what I told isnt going to happen.
 Quoting: Voyager 11635668

thanks for posting your thoughts and predictions ...

there are many on GLP who are 'openminded' and we appreciate honesty

I feel that you are honest, so thank you!

do you care to share a bit more with us? ....
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