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Message Subject Incident within 24 hours
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At least he explained himself. At this point it's kind of moot saying "somethin" is gonna happen in 24 hours, with Israel and countries surrounding it acting the way they are it's not really surprising to be surprised by the escalations that can come out of it.

My question to you then is, when are the aliens coming? What dreams have you had concerning those? They're pretty much the only thing that matters at this point
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13702866

That is an interesting question.
What do you think?

Do you understand this: (Please read all)

positive and same negative = 0.
Nothing exist.
Everything has to be in balance.

Sometimes people ask why there is evil.
Because without it, there is no good.
How can you understand cold if you dont know the term hot.

In the universe it is the same.
What I saw was this :

All is in balance.
The universe came of nothing, because it is nothing.
Nothingness has an infinite potential.
Which number is larger when you have to fill in two numbers (A and B).
If you fill in a googolplex ( one with hundred zeros raised to the one with hundred zeros power) at A, but NOTHING at B, B can become ANYTHING.
Thats why everything exist, nothingness CANT exist because the potential for nothing to become almost everything is much much greater.

The balance must be the same troughout the whole universe.
The more evil there is at one place, the more good at another.
A constant battle between balancing out.

Imagine the races that benefit by all the hatred at our planet.
Here there is much more evil than good, so somewhere else it has to balance out (in a good way, there;s more good there to balance out our hate).
Thats why some entities dont want peace here, because more hate at other places, bring peace at places they love.

Others want the balance evenly divided everywhere, and ironically their fight itself against the ones that want hate, brings more peace, because that fight (or hate) has to be compensated.
(Those basics are in the all books of religion, writings from old civilizations, it's basic law)

What is happening here is happening for all infant species like the human race that can be influenced by higher powers to fall for hate.

So some of you aliens will never arrive and only act behind the scenes.
Others will show up.

Question is, who is going to win?
Well, no one, when all good (or evil) wins it means the end of everything. So the hate (and the good) is needed for sustainability if you know what I mean.

Neither side CAN win.

Some of the entities you call aliens, WILL arive and those who will are the good ones. they all are, and they all aren't. (sorry, hard concept)

When all the hate and good is exhaust, we will join the intergalactic battle between good and evil and love our enemies to sustain the balance.

That is why the conflict between Jews, arabs and the west is so deep rooted, because it is the basis for everything. The continue hate to sustain the good and vice versa.
No conflict goes more deep than that.

I don't know if I make any sense, but that is the way it was it is and forever will be.
But to understand this, we must go through hell before we can accept this.
And your so called aliens know this.

When the time is ready, they show.
It will be one hell of a chistmas.
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