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Message Subject Incident within 24 hours
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
so, who is going to be assisinated?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20129820

I dont know!
I can't tell exactly.
Till now I saw / heared this:
Let me try to translate.

How it is possible they didnt see it coming?
Dont they have a shelter there?
Can't deny it looks like an inside job.

Can anybody tell me what they see?
See where? The screen is blank.
No,No, this can't be serious.
How did you get your info? twitter?
Tune in to LB 162 radio.
What the fuck?
Watch your language, mind the children.
How did they now?
Stop the stupid questioning, what does it mean?
It means nothing.
O my god, are they gone insane? Try another channel.
Some other images (not related or not related yet)
How are they going to respond Michael?
They will, but, how I don't know.
mubmle mubmle

A leader of them a leader of our own.

Complete bs as you can read.
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