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Message Subject Incident within 24 hours
Poster Handle Voyager
Post Content
Dont mind the last post, I post if I want to and do not need authorization from anybody.
The device is nuclear but unlike you have seen before.
It are small compact nuclear war heads, somewhat like cluster bombs. The increased density of the material and the design makes them far more "mean" than normal nuclear warheads.

Israel posses them, but will not fire them before the chemical attacks that, the idiot who posted that I needed permission, is one of the scumbags who gave the terrorists access to these weapons.

One concerning thing, the news should have reached the world already. I mean the death of Abbas and / or Nasrallah, depending on who got hit first.
Because this didnt happen I am afraid the rest is also not going to happen.

Everytime things in the making dont happen, they happen in a worser way, thats the only thing I have left.
Or do you disgree jonathan?
Are you actually reading this? I cant post more because I dont know more.
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