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Message Subject Denny's to charge 5% 'Obamacare surcharge' and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation
Poster Handle Real list
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sorry, but I see an 'obama surcharge' added onto the base cost of menu items, it's like hotel resort fees. I get fuckin pissed. Deceptive businesses who advertise a certain price and basically charge more because they can.
 Quoting: Cult of Personality

Ummm, Denny's is announcing the price increase. Give your patronage to business who pass the extra cost to their employees.
 Quoting: Real list

That is going to be hard to do. In 48 states foos servers make $2.13 an hour...The owner can not pass the cost on to them, there is no money in the checks...after taxes are taken out, most food servers take home check is about $50 a week....
 Quoting: no-one-special

Are you really that dense, or is this some sort of joke?

The extra cost would be passed on to employees in the form of fewer hours.

The choice was, either increase prices to make up for health insurance costs or cut employess to part time status (under 28 hours per week) to avoid the health insurance mandate.

This sub thread began with someone saying that Denny's should cut employees hours. Employees would suffer, right? The other option, higher prices the customer suffers. Right? Anyone who says cut their hours so I woun't have to pay more is selfish.
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