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Message Subject Denny's to charge 5% 'Obamacare surcharge' and cut employee hours to deal with cost of legislation
Poster Handle thatfoodiscrap
Post Content
I worked at dennys before
oh dennys, most people who work there don't get good wages - get shit for tips (come'on its dennys lol) and thus can't afford health insurance on their own -- it's a travesty - I'm not sure about the details and maybe other former employees have different opinion.

D cutting hours does not show obamacare does not work - it shows that the private sector will cut YOUR hours if it means holding onto THEIR PROFITS!!

HAVING people uninsured is a big big problem in this country, it cost a lot of money to hospitals when people can't pay their massive bills and thus increases the cost of hospital care for people with insurance - its a cruel cycle that would end very badly - obamacare is not ideal but it is a step in changing healthcare in USA. Medical care should be for everyone - like education - like using the post office -
LIKE if your house is on FIRE you know you can call the fire department - EVERYONE can. :)
 Quoting: thatfoodiscrap 26130179

Homeowners pay property tax to fund fire departments. Property tax, state and federal tax for education. Post office ??? you pay for stamps and taxes cover the PO losses.

My point? We will pay higher tax for Obamacare. So when you say everyone should have coverage, fine, but someone is paying for it.

Remember, if one person get something he does not earn, someone else erans something he does not get.
 Quoting: Real list

By the way, I live in Canada and here we do have state run insurance and YES we do pay it with taxes - and let me tell you that there is a strong middle class here, high taxes for a higher quality of life. no pun intended
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