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Message Subject The Pentagon: How does a 757 fit into a 16 foot hole and leave no wreckage outside the building?
Poster Handle smokahontas
Post Content
The best one is the hijacker Passport found on the street in N.Y.
Explain the melted cars four blocks away.
Explain why all the planes had less than 60 people flying on them.
Explain why FEMA showed up on the 10th of sept.
The same company that cleaned up Oklahoma City, also cleaned up the wtc.
Explain why in the fuck NORAD didnt respond... Operation Northern Vigilance.
Explain evaporated steel, molten steel in basement. Temps still at 2000 degrees 2 weeks later.
Why danish scientist found thermite in rubble, Why not one forensic engineer was allowed at site, why no
one looked for explosives per 9/11 commision. Why nothing like that day has ever before or since occured in aviation history?????
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