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Message Subject The Pentagon: How does a 757 fit into a 16 foot hole and leave no wreckage outside the building?
Poster Handle smokahontas
Post Content
it's 2012, not 2002. Give it a rest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24433009

See there lies the problem. Its old news. Let it go. That is how we have gotten into this situation. Allowing the gov. to invent some bullshit to explain away what they have done to perpetuate war and corporations. Its like the Kennedy assasination, Gulf of Tonkin, Bay of Pigs, 2000 election, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Kosovo, Rawanda... Bannana Republics. If people just accept the official story no matter how ridiculous it just sends the message that yes we are a bunch of fucking retards and you can do as you like as long as i can have cable and prescription drugs, Quit being complaciant morons and inform yourselves as to our ACTUAL HISTORY
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