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Message Subject USA Socialism - Chicago link explains influence on nObama
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But that's what the American People Voted for.

Wealth redistribution has always been part of the American lifestyle.

Going back to 1776. The Founding Fathers saw all the wealth of the country going to England.

They set about to overthrow the existing order and set up the framework for the Central Government in Washington D.C. to take the wealth from the merchants, traders and producers
and use it to bankroll government projects.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3767410

"Government projects" - absolutely. For all to benefit from.


Yet commerce is what powers any society. Trading. Building and selling. Taxes are colelcted on all these events and are spread across those BASIC commonalities.

The founding fathers wanted Americans to prosper from their hard work - not have it taken away. Why bother trying harder to succeed when others just take it all away??

England tried to tax us so badly it led to the Boston Tea Party. Enough tax without any benefit to us. Keeping our money in our country for our people.

I did not vote for nObama and quite honestly there are so many flagrant examples of voter fraud around the country - far far more than in any previous election - those who did not vote for him see this as 'Revenge' for what Demoncraps feel was Al Gore losing in 2000.

No country can operate without laws being followed. So many were broken just to keep nObama in power - to push his socialist agenda. The more lawlessness nObama practices, the faster the USA will disintegrate. This is what happens when a non-citizen is elected.
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