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Message Subject Foretold Floodings, Ice-Age, Magnetic Reversal and more....E.T. Contactees Messages (Video Collection & Analysis).
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
EARTHS VIBRATORY RATE INCREASING? WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING BULLSHIT. oh yea and listen to the guy with a huge tattoo on his forehead, huge permanately damaged ears and nose ring, yea thats the guy to take advice from.

even if you believe in that vibratory bullshit earth is DEFINATELY NOT getting better.

bull fucking shit
 Quoting: Daersoulkeeper

Its very interesting you have to judge someone by his appearance. Obama looks all fly and clean. I bet you listen to him, don't you?

In ancient cultures, these kinds of practices are customary to the indigenous tribes. I'm sure they were less of a human, as your line of thought suggests.

It is not simply what the guy says but what he says that ties into what others witnessed and somewhat corroborate his experience. I'm sure you can go that far and be open minded. Most complain about MSM and their propaganda but to me, its a very useful tool in knowing what their agenda is and putting this jigsaw puzzle together.
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