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Message Subject Foretold Floodings, Ice-Age, Magnetic Reversal and more....E.T. Contactees Messages (Video Collection & Analysis).
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
EARTHS VIBRATORY RATE INCREASING? WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING BULLSHIT. oh yea and listen to the guy with a huge tattoo on his forehead, huge permanately damaged ears and nose ring, yea thats the guy to take advice from.

even if you believe in that vibratory bullshit earth is DEFINATELY NOT getting better.

bull fucking shit
 Quoting: Daersoulkeeper

It is but not very fast because man keeps doing war and other negative activities.

After WW2 the vibration was very low AGAIN on this planet, and it had to be stabiiized not to toss you all off of it. Any planet with a tilt is of lower vibration, less than 5d consciousness.

The idea of increasing vibration is not fucking bullshit. I don't know the tatoo guy, who are you refering to?

This is a 2nd density evolutionary world. It will always be that, but its matter will increase in vibration, as well man's mind, and body. We are about 2.43 or so right now. Which means we are 2nd Density, 4th dimension. Vibration is real and many people are feeling their own vibrations increase.
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