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Message Subject Foretold Floodings, Ice-Age, Magnetic Reversal and more....E.T. Contactees Messages (Video Collection & Analysis).
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
All I'm saying is this. If you care about the truth at all, when you meet these beings face to face, just say the name "Jesus Christ" and see what they do. I'll be waiting Lord willing.
 Quoting: cmoG530

And you have met these beings face to face?
The thing is a "demon" will manifest itself as what you fear. so if you afraid of these alien beings that could possibly be what you call a demon, not the actual being itself.
 Quoting: sssss

There is a lot he is still yet to come to grasp with. One is the fact that the very name of Jesus was never the original name. Some will say its the English translation.....but who authorised it?

Little do people understand that language in itself is a spell......you know, like SPELL - INGS when you are in kindergarten......voodoo which keeps them under a trance. The christians are actually the ones who are under the delusion.

These contactees have always said that these beings do not communicate with words but telepathically and indeed this is how it should be after all we weren't born with the ability to speak and understand every word within the vocabulary of the language indoctrinated into them. They were all programmed to believe the words mean something. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THEIR SPIRIT SELK COMMUNICATING.....AND PEOPLE FAIL TO REALISE THIS.
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