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Message Subject JUST IN: The Divide
Poster Handle _____tard
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Is very real, and prevelant amongst all things. It consist of the illusion, and the reality. Two different modus operandi shared amongst a common "reality", which is nothing more than a carefully crafted composite of the two. It's everywhere. The illusory is ALWAYS trying to undermine the real. It's power comes from the veil of ignorance. It's ways are well known. Those operating under deceit make themselves easily identifiable by their words, their actions. The illusory are NEVER working for THEIR OWN MEANS, as they are NEVER powerful enough to operate on their own, hence the pack mentality and the reason for using deception in the first place. They live not for themselves; they are pawns in every sense of the word. Some know this, others are unaware they are being used, but it is happening. It's comical really, to live not for yourself and always at the expense of some others will. Lurking in the shadows, the only weapon they have is that of darkness; hoping, praying, that you are under the same spell as they and therefor a target in their system. They revel in the darkness, never realizing those that live for themselves are probably more aware of "the dark side" than they, but through experience and it's accumulated wisdom found the light. They that truly live for themselves play both sides of the ball, and better than the best. That is why the illusory are deathly afraid of them.

Because they break the divide.
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