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Yahoo Finance Message Board Censors Post about Massive Yahoo Email Breach

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21692571
United States
11/15/2012 11:36 AM
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Yahoo Finance Message Board Censors Post about Massive Yahoo Email Breach
How do I know there was an email breach ?

Because I got the bounced emails.

Looking through the addresses - all of them familiar - I saw 150-250 emails of people I have corresponded with for personal, professional, informational, educational, business, etc. - all sorts of reasons.

So, in the past I have had success getting through the bureacracy using the Yahoo Finance board. e.g. I mistakenly returned an HP scanner to the wrong HP facility. HP continued to bill me for 2 scanners. I went to the Yahoo message board for HP - BINGO ! I'm on a first name basis with the HP CEO's personal assistant, and it got cleared up right quick.

Well, that doesn't work for a problem with Yahoo. Sort of logically, Yahoo will not let you use the Yahoo message board to announce to the investment community that there has been a breach of the Yahoo email system - even if it's true, and the Yahoo "help" ain't worth a bucket of manure with plastic bits in it.

So, here is my post. Originally I thought that this was separate from the Yahoo Voices hack in July 2012, which was reported to compromise 400,000 accounts - because I don't use Yahoo Voices. But - it's very possible that the data gotten in the July breach went beyond Yahoo Voices.

So, I don't know how it was done, but, SHIT - I might have to write 200 - or 10,000 - Apology Emails describing the breach & letting people know that that dumb spam ad was not from me.

One friend that emailed me after they got the spam, got one of those "work at home make $7000 a month" type ads.

"Dear Yahoo"

As of Wednesday November 14, Yahoo Email was hacked.

However, Yahoo's "Help" system does not, well, help.

Therefore, this is an appeal to Yahoo Investor Resources to notify your co-workers at Yahoo Technical. Please contact me at this email -

(Yeah, I know, Catchy, huh :-) )

In my case, the emails of people I have sent emails to during the last 5 years were involved. So far, 150 to 250 people that I know from professional, personal, & educational contacts have received emails that look like they are from me.

A brief description of my security -
Antivirus, definitions updated weekly
Anti-malware, definitions updated weekly
No-script type programs for each browser
Flash blocker
Zero wireless, home network is wired - for security reasons.

I also do not check my email on public Internet networks like Internet cafe's, for exactly this reason.

Despite all those measures, my primary Yahoo email account was still hacked.

My technical background - *

I have used email for about 20 years. This is the biggest hack I have ever seen.

This is not a drill. Please contact me at the email I am posting with & let us get this resolved.

I am willing to provide copies of bounced emails to aid in your forensic technical analysis of this hack attack.

Sincere Regards,