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Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD

kinich kan balam
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United States
11/15/2012 12:31 PM
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Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
The entire Crux of the Fictions surrounding Christ is why we have confusion in the modern world over the Maya Calendar ending and events like 9/11.

Christ was a Teacher from the Sky, from the lineage of the Snake, many of His records are preserved at Palenque and err on a mystery which I will thusly solve without bloodshed.

The Jewish rabbi legend of Jeshua Ben Pandira who was hung from a Tree for being a Wizard with a Mark on his thigh, must be a collaborate myth stolen from the Tomb Lid of Pacal Votan, where we see the wizard suspended from the tree of life, at the entrance to the underworld, complete with a speaking tube that reaches the outside world/ outside his tomb and temple of Inscription.

When Pacal Votan was 32 years of Age the commission of Hieroglyphic Stairway #12 at La Corona thus established a royal court in Calakmul in AD 635.(Wikipedia,2012 phenomenon)

This date falls within the 21st year of the Missing Time Hypothesis that began in 614 AD, the year before Pacal Ascended the Throne of Palenque to become King. Pacal "died" in AD 683. The problem is what happened in AD 69, which is the time the Indians remember the Crucifixion of Christ, which was in the same year that Herculaneum, Vesuvius and Pompeii erupted. The truth of what happened in AD 69 has been watered down as the Great Lie of History, for most people Christian or otherwise recall that this Crucifixion occurred in AD 34.

Since the Indians Referred to the Crucifixion of Christ in 69 AD the year 635 to the Maya was actually the year AD 704 to us. Just like the year AD 614/615 was actually what we'd call the year 683/684 because both dates are 69 years different, the 69 years that Pacal Votan ruled as King.

Calendar changing effectively nullified his existence and reduced his reign to secret terms that cloud and "Rent the temple" as such from scripture: Matthew 27:50-51 states, "Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom." The significance of the veil of the Jewish temple being ripped in half from top to bottom is that, year AD 70 was the year of the Temple Destruction. When Pacal gave up the ghost, the 70 years less he ruled were hidden, by 35 years (in half).

Furthermore it is interesting that in Masonic terms, the Keystone that is rejected (but honored between twin columns as the ARCH of PEACE, is the one that has the symbol of Pisces on it, or in secret it can be read as "69", symbolic of the wedge of time placed between world age endings in order for New York to be attacked by Fire-serpents and for the White Race to control what happens at the end of the Maya cycle.

The Maya considered a world age ended after 1716 years, we added 297 years of the missing time between AD 614-911 to make the year 1716 = 2013, the first year in the new 13 Baktun cycle. These 297 years are actually a time interval that has originally confused and amused the dating of "Creation", "Great Flood", "Tower of Babel" "Quetzalcoalt's birth and his Calendar beginning" "Alexandrian Era and Aztec Creation Year" "Birth of Christ", "Sun Standing Still and Expedition by Limhi that discovered the Gold Plates of Moronism" and the original (time) Tax cycle called Induction and originally found in Egyptian Papyri. The man who was born in 296 AD, Athansius, of The Athanasian Creed, who placed the Dating of the Alexandrian Era (with help from Panodorus)in 5493 BC, thus making 296 years exist between the original date of the Aztec Creation which according to Ixtliloxchitl's timetable from "Toltec Relations" was placed in 5197 BC.

Perhaps this information is enough to get some people interested in re-writing History and viewing 9/11 events as an argument that the Arabs have with Time and the Time-line of Christ, which is a valid argument which the Masonic Franchise would agree, "GO AHEAD, we will Help you Attack us" after all it will only fulfill a book written over one hundred years ago, called the War of The Worlds and another some say written in AD 70 called the bitter book of Revelations which is as sweet as honey today.

How do you like them god-like productions? Shall I continue?

Last Edited by kinich kan balam on 11/15/2012 06:20 PM
Jesus Christ

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United States
11/15/2012 12:35 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Too bad you don't believe in paragraphs. Something this big is too hard to read without them.
When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you--You know your nation is doomed.
Ayn Rand
kinich kan balam (OP)

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United States
11/15/2012 06:23 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Um, you could just read slower. But I can take the criticism if that's all you got. Actually, I have heard it before. Paragraphs are now included. And it does read better, so thanks.
Jesus Christ
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United States
11/15/2012 06:50 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Historians of the day who do record Jesus, his death, and Christian followers, differ from your ignorant opinions.
kinich kan balam (OP)

User ID: 27316347
United States
11/15/2012 09:36 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Historians of the day who do record Jesus, his death, and Christian followers, differ from your opinions.

Thank you. I know I was wondering which historians of the day you can refer me too?
Have you heard of the Christ called Jesu Chrestus, or jeshua ben Pandira from the city of Ludd who was ha-ba-hu-ru of first rank, and born in 120 or 102 BC, stoned, and hung from a tree in BC 70? Well that little tale is an intriguing one and even Saint Jerome met the man-wizard and paid not a little money towards his understanding concerning the translation of the Book of Job. What is the right opinion to have? A scholarly one? Or one connected by faith? If I ask myself the question. I have both a scholarly and faithful opinion, as ignorant to you , it is as it may seem. For as ignorance as you perceive this thread to be, it is how the universe of God speaks to me, or through my earthly vehicle at this time. I raise my doubts to the authenticity of any character on earth.

It wouldn't be the first time opinions differed on the subject matter of Christ and the timeline of Christ. But it might be the last time. I have grown tired of ignorance myself. But I assure you, my logic is anything but ignorance, on the contrary it is too often ignored and/or miss-perceived by the public at large. And this happened when the people saw him not, but then in visions. I have vision to share, not opinion. My weapon is bliss. My God, is your God. My weapon is supreme.
Jesus Christ
T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

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United States
11/15/2012 09:44 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
there were no flourishing ancient civilizations,no Rome,no Mayan,no Egypt..they were all ruins to begin with ,with human remains as props for its symbolism's...ask me to prove it ,easy..there are no general populations burial sites for the masses that supposed to have lived during those so called time frames...they each would have used artifacts,millions of them...the lack of enough physical evidence shows they were ruins to begin with set up with remains and histories were written for them...there would be more evidence of the industries that feed and clothed all those missing millions of people too along with their 10's of millions of personal daily artifacts...the lies are wayyyyyy bigger than you think...the histories and religions of them are really symbolism of the sciences...no biblical people have ever been found...the Caesars and early popes cant even be accounted for...

Last Edited by T Ceti H.C. Radnarg on 11/15/2012 09:45 PM
How unfortunate for some rulers when men,women,and children continue to think... Keep repeating the lies loud enough and long enough and just maybe the people will start to believe the lies again and good luck with that...finding your energy open until mars becomes raging aries...
kinich kan balam (OP)

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United States
11/17/2012 12:18 AM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Ok, so the idea behind Jesus Christ is the Time Dial-8-shun of thoughts that reach a novelty factor of 13:20. or ad infinum. The Maya figured out how to transport themselves and enhance the quality of mind from planet to planet by coming here as the Serpent Lineage of NOMMO and ogotemmeli (outcasted pale fox), they came here to mark the earth as the new earth and new heaven. So we all can remember if we have been here before.

They Created or aided in the Creation. And the Events recorded about Creation define the creation of the Atmosphere when the sky and earth touched and were lifted/separated at the three stone place, probably Giza Plateau, but could be a reference to a special sighting of their hearth home starsystems rising from the earth's horizon in 3120-3112 BC or about, which may or may not have signaled an end/beginning to the flood.

Anyhow I'd like to talk about events that happened after 3744 years and three more years had passed from the Maya calendar beginning. The reason is that after 1366560 days from Creation of the Calendar, i.e. 3744 x 365 = 1366560 days and then three more years later, we have:

ON April 7 of AD 635, it is recorded and newly discovered ( spring 2012) that "Yuknoom" played in a ritual ball game Accessed the throne and a week later on the date some consider the Crucifixion date of April 7, the parents or fatherhood of maya founded the government/nation at Calakmul.

Why this is important? Because the date on the stone is also a literary device describing what the king knew at the time and what the nation of Maya knew at the time. Here I quote John Major Jenkins from [link to www.thecenterfor2012studies.com]

"The astronomy of, (March 13, 692) — involves the striking occultation of Saturn by the Moon (with Mars nearby) at the Sagittarian dark-rift/Crossroads. This sidereal location strongly echoes the sun’s position on the solstice of in 2012. AND, a Moon-Saturn conjunction is a glaring feature of his birth-date astronomy. So, as with Lord Jaguar, Yuknoom seems to have employed a similar astronomical “device” or strategy, to link himself up to the far-future period-ending."

Ok, you know well who else developed such a strategy? Jesus Christ. The Jesus Christ I'm talking about was Crucified in AD 69 and it may have been Thomas called Quetzalcoatl or Votan by the Maya. (Pacal Votan received the dedication to his Tomb on by his son kan Bahlum) Our reinvention of such a man, it's like the biblical Enoch, which was not his name but the symbol of his pre-birth name, from in the womb of his mother who swallowed an emerald, the Emerald Tablet is "AN-OCH" Strength of the mother, or A mother's strength.

This is the Emerald from the Crown of Light that is said to have fallen to earth. The Emerald Tablet is the language of light and the elements and the Runes of mother nature , the cloud of mercy and FIrey pillar of the father. I was taught very little of this language. I was shown and I possessed such a tablet. Jesus studied carpentry, and the RUNES and the signs and numerology, and of all these things he was wise, wise like a serpent wise like a MAYA.

I think its a possiblity the Grey Aliens were once the Maya time lords/kings descended from the Aliens with large heads, and serpentine qualities born in later Kings, expressed their divinity. Perhaps also they were the Igigi Martian-earth orbit astronaut workers, or the elder astronauts certainly chrononauts. Possibly the Maya after they were persecuted (before Cortez)were forced to live underground and then after 1947 some came back to now share technology and work with the US government.

That aside I am getting way off track.. And what I wanted to share was more about

Year 5100 (AZTEC, from Creation) = 704 (Gregorian AD)
That is when "ZERO BEFORE CHRIST AND ZERO AFTER CHRIST" = 4396 Years from the Creation. Now. In the year 339 AD, the year was also 4735 After Christ from Creation. But by the Jewish reckoning of Creation in 3761 made 339 AD = 4100 from Creation. So, from 339 Plus 296 = 635 + 69 (Aztec date for zero after Christ Crucifixion) = 704, the year after the Venerable Bede wrote the Book called "ON TIME".

296 +69 = 365, the second or third world age is equal to the length in the AZtec calendar. SO what did we do with time in 365 years, we erased the maya version of their Baktun cycle which would have ended in 1647, 1716, or 1752 and made up our own time 365, 296 and 260 years later, i.e. in "2012".

It all depends on where ZERO is placed. So the year of confusion in 46 BC I can also describe how it messed up chronographers and historians and made the Crucifixion thought to have occurred in 23 AD or 69 AD if 46 BC is year ZERO, then adding 23 AD is equal to 69 AD.

This I can prove using pages 52-53 of Donald W. Hemingway's the Bearded White God of Ancient America/Quetzalcoatl. Mr. Hemingway says:

" I sought to finish the tables that Boturini himself started in his own hand, and tied to them precisely I have indicated the eras, in which he didn't make the world more than 4033 years old when Jesus Christ was born, and what is more worthy of reflection, Boturini himself, in the mentioned tables that he formed in his own hand, indicates the year in this way: three Tecpatl (3 flint) 4033 Nativitatis Domini, from which it appears that he got the same count, and therefore, from the following year, which is the year 4034, he starts to indicate the years of the Christian era in the same way that I do, and it is expressed in the tables; and in the year 4056 he puts this sign in the margin: oIHS, which means Crucifixion of Jesus. (original typo preserved in book!) in which time the earthquake occurred..."

Hemingway goes on to say how he feels Boturini was mistaken, but all one needs to do is the math. 4056-4033 = 23 AD. So, no-where do either Boturini or Hemingway state where they put zero or 1 AD, so it appears in this case 1 Ad or Zero was in 46 BC, at the year of confusion! i.e. zero was in year 3987 and about 46 years before the birth of Christ. 3987 + 69 = 4056. After re-reading this paragraph I realized that there were 10 years difference between 3987 and 3997 as Creation Years to the Mixtec who began their calendar in 11 AD.)
4008 (duration of first sun) - (11 AD when there called started) = 3997.

Another oddity I just picked up on is how 4056 - 296 = 3760 which means Boturini placed the Crucixion exactly 296 years after Creation according to the Jews! 3760+ 296 = 4056!

(the number 296 is the Missing Time Hypothesis purported to have begun in 614 AD and which changed to the year 911 and erased or seemed to erase 297 years from history)

Also, the 5,125 years of the cycle that ends in 2012 (Called 13 Baktuns) ended in 1364 AD, but actually, the 13 Baktuns only begin in the year 647 of Creation according to the Hebrews, so it was, in 1647 AD 365 years short of 2012.

I have also used the Chichemic and Mixtec calendar tzolkin-year dates to discover that the year of
"10 Houses/Votan/Akbal/Night" was the year attributed to the Great Earthquake that nearly split the world/Temple in half at the Crucifixion. All researchers say the Tempest/Storm was in 34 AD, But the Aztec year of 10 houses fell in 69 AD not 34 AD. This proof comes from the previous page in the same book as above, pg 52, "The Gentlemen Boturini, in his mentioned work, says that the first Christian Indians who then perfectly understood their chronology and studied ours with all curiousity left us the knowledge as from the creation of the world until the mentioned birth of christ, 5199 years had passed, which is the same opinion or calculation of the seventy." (the Greek Bible or Septuagint). This is the Secret of my 69! (70 - 1) !!

any guesses who the one is?

Sept(ember) Tau Gint

Gint :An offensive word. Gint defines a child who is the product of a rape; not necessarily a violent rape but in most senses of the meaning it is, unfortunately.

MindRape is what it is folks, and it is all about Giants gints and gents, and Jesus and the Crucifixion of the truth is how i will prove to the world who I am. For who but Jesus resurrected and reincarin888ed could and would DARE to give himself a new date for HIS Crucifixion. and who but God could stop him from incarneighting again to prove it in fact wtih the English language?

Anywho, back to Donald W.

Hemingway goes on to state, "Among the monuments that he gathered, I have not been able to find the one that enlightened him with this information (I HAVE the information Mr. Hemingway).

Hemingway then proceeds to give examples of how the Indians gave their chronologic accounts, "for example, the Flood in the year of one Flint, the suspension of the sun in year of eight Rabbits, the great earthquake in the year of ten Houses, etc.; but they do not enter into finding out what year of the creation or of the Christian era they correspond to..."

Well it didn't take me long to write out the years from a 1 flint occurring in 372 AD at the migration of the Toltec leaving from HueHueTlapallan and finding out that 303 yeas earlier the Year of the Earthquake fell in 69 AD in the year 10 House.

There is a third piece of evidence as well that I will get into another time, it involves Ixtliloxchil's timetable as depicted by Anthony Aveni in his paper entitled "Astronomical considerations in the Expression of Aztec History". It is from this Timetable that I determined his year zero to be 5197 BC, which is within two years of Boturini's calculation of 5199 BC. In fact, if two more years are added on top of the 5199 the total is 5201 BC, which makes the Arabic Date of the Great Pyramid construction and Deluge commencing exactly 1,716 years after the First World Age, exactly how it is set-up in the timetable. It exists at www.mexicauprising.net. I have tried to give links here: [PDF]
astronomical considerations in the aztec - Mexica Uprising

A final equation will show the comparison of Creation dates based on Boturini 5199- and where he places the Christian beginning in 4033 = 1166, or in the 1,166th year after Creation. IF we minus that number from the date Ixtliloxchitl places for the Sun and Moon Eclipsed with Severe Earthquakes i.e. in Creation Year 5266, we have then the year 4100 which is (3761 BC + AD 339), and/or, the year (4396-4100 = 296 BC).

Then, it is possible the year 3761 + 635 = 4396 was the year to remember the past and honor the future in 2012. This is because the Maya were the lost tribes of Israel and so it would not be beyond coincidence the Royal Court Established at Cakamul had something to do with the calibration of Christ's time-line, in that, the year 704 AD was a most complex year on record.

So, 5266 = Sun moon eclipsed earthquake -5199 = Creation date (Boturini, et als) = 67 AD, but, then, using my calibration of zero = 5197, which is implied in the timetable itself, the date of the Sun and Moon Eclipsed (Crucifixion) is 5266 - 5197 = 69 AD.

These are all the proofs I need for the time being concerning the second coming, the how and why it has come.
Thank You.

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Jesus Christ
kinich kan balam (OP)

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United States
11/17/2012 02:30 AM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Here is the site that explains the 297 years manipulated

[link to www.fwunk.com]

Here is the Quote that does not say what year it is, yet I know the year in transition is AD 703/704.

The reason I quote so much is because all the facts are very pertinent to the task at hand and I wish my readers to be able to see the dates, and numbers in full.

"The Persians had stolen the most important Christian relic, the cross of Golgotha in 614. Only within the fictious time could the return of the relic be explained. The changing of chronology was concealed by additional arrangements. Changing the reference point of the chronology made sure that only initiated persons could know that manipulations "in the name of god" had taken place. The Byzantinian changed from 1015 seleucidean era to 6212 after the creation of the world. The Christians in the western part of the world changes from the year 419 in the era of martyrs to 1000 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. The Jews followed them and changed from 1015 seleucidean era to 4464 after creation. Up to now it could not be explained why all cultures of Europe changed their chronologies all at the same time, but on the quiet. The invented but still empty centuries had to be filled with history. So Otto and Sylvester made up stories and a very big emperor Karl. Otto could refer to him as well as the pope, who had enthroned and anointed him emperor. This Karl got his coronation on the 25 December 800 AD, a day that was determined 497 years earlier to be the last day of the world."

So, you see I am kidding no one, for the reason they all changed their chronologies? I am still at this hour working on it! Things come to he or she who overcomes. I receive instant revelation on these matters as I manually type this

And the year that was purported to be the last day of the world was in AD 303. 5197 Creation date +303 = 5500, so AD303 is 5,500 years from Creation date of 5197, implying 5197 BC as World age Aztec number 1, or after 1,716 years the first age ends, 3485 BC. The Arabic date of 3485 BC will be explained later in detail.

It was said from the book of Adam and Eve that after the fall, after expulsion from the Garden, that in the 5500th year from Creation the Son of God would return to uplift the spirit of Adam, a sign would be seen, and such is the sign of Constantine and what the contents of the sign entail briefly, is the Orion Belt stars that point the way to the direction of Gods Return, the triad of home stars blazing beneath the Pleiades.

But in chronological terms, at the time the Maya called the same year, the year 5569 of Creation, which is to say it was in AD 372 when the migration of the Toltec (teachers/builders) left HueHueTlapallan on a migration (north). It just so happens that 303 + 69 = 372, so, the Christian year AD 303 was in fact = to the Aztec Year AC 372.

I introduce (AC) to denote After Crucifixion, i.e. the first date is beginning at zero and is 234 years from AC year. The year AD 372 is then 303 years from the AC year.

Might have the year 441 (372 + 69) be the actual year 372?

Yes and no, because the migration occurring in 303 makes sense with the persecution of the Christians that occurred then it would also make the most sense that the migration of the Toltec who were among the “CHRISTIAN” and the teachers of that science of the Cross, migrated the same year in 303 after the Crucifixion, i.e. what we call AD 372 even though it wasn’t! it happened in the year 234 after crucifixion or in AD 303.

The Toltec were also escaping Diocleitan’s or the Roman consulate in (Yucatan/Mayapan) New Spain’s Great Persecution of 303 AD.

The year that the Jews called 4464, could have also been the year AD 68 or 69 since 4396 (Creation date of 5197 -800 years of generations of Adam) However it is more likely this was the year 703/4 since 3760 +704 = 4464. The clever part is/was 704-69 = 635.

It made sense that the Venerable Bede would publish his book ON TIME, on time, i.e., in 703 AD which is to say in the year the Maya also referred to as year 5100 in one system (4396 Creation Year) and as year 5900 in another (5197 Creation Year) as this was used to express the original generations of Adam after fathering Seth, (930-130=800) 5197-800 = 4396, alternating Creations, in the 800th year since the first world began Adam was born.

So, the 800 year cycle is also when Emperor Karl (Crux of Fiction) was coronated king which was 497 years from the end of the world. 800-497 = 303, which we have been through. Yet nations only changed their calendars 400 years later, in 703. They did this to hide the upcoming 6,000 year mark of history borrowed history I should say from the Jaredite/Totltec/Maya.

Year 6000, by their calendar was in 803 AD, but in 603 Ad, using 4396 from Adam, Pacal Votan was born in the 4,999 year of Creation. BY the Alexandrian Era calculation for Creation in 5493 BC the year 6,000 was in AD 507. (507 +296 = 803)

And by the Byzantine calendar beginning Creation in 5508 BC the year 6000 was AD 492. Notice what 15 years will do, TIME TAX for dating Creation sets up 999 years of Christ Rule. Also 5493 + 704 = 6197, which is where the idea of the 1,000 years came from when 6197th year of “Greek” Creation = 704 Alexandrian Era, AD, and 5197 from Aztec Creation is already 1,000 years prior to the year 704, when in actuality it is the 5,901st year from Creation. This is how the 1,000 years to reign with Christ was Created out of 296 that separate the year 6197 from 5901. Or , 703 – 999.

The difference between Byzantine Calendar beginning in the Selucidean Era, called 1 AD the year 5508, and begin in 311 or 312 BC. And this is why Byzantine defeated the Maya by subverting the year 5197 from 1 AD and putting it in 312 BC. Like so, 5508-311 =5197.

Like the number 365 years to a maya/Aztec calendar age, the number of the 2 or 3rd age was also considered 312 years long, totaling 676 years, which can be cut in half, with 339 years remaining on either side of “Christ’s” Timeline, actually stolen from the Decipherment of the Aztec Calendar Sun Stone.

Example of Pre-Julian Roman Calendar of 276 BC , 3485 +276 = 3761, we see how Arab and the Jews like to differentiate the date for the First World age ending/beginning from the Arab one.

Example of Mantheo’s 1-30th Egyptian Dynasties that were said to fall between 3,555 years and 3,553 years before Christ. 3554-69 = 3485 Arabic Pyramid Date from the abu Hormis papyrus, Leo in first degree of Cancer Flood commenced.
One can see what 69 years left in or out of history can do, and guess when the 30th dynasty expired? In 339 BC.

Guess where the end of the Aztec Calendar Stone is dated to? 1479 AD which actually was 1410 AD? And what year was 6676, or 676 years passed the year 6000? The year 1479, the supposed year of it’s dedication ceremony surrounding the date of 13 Reeds. 1479 – 676 = 803

These are just some examples of wormholes or wormloops in time that have succeeded by the help of Christ and the Timeline, succeeded in destroying or decimating or eliminating other cultures and nations from ‘playing the game of life’.

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Jesus Christ
kinich kan balam (OP)

User ID: 27316347
United States
11/17/2012 03:36 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
I have found another who shares my opinion or vision of Jesus's Crucifixion occurring in 69 AD.

page. 238 Ralph Ellis, "Jesus Last of the Pharaohs"

"It was in Jerusalem in about AD 68 or 70 that Jesus really met his fate, some 35 years after the biblical event. Jesus Ananus(the biblical Jesus), the High Priest of On (An or Heliopolis), was given a public lashing while he carried his own cross into the Temple precinct."
Jesus Christ
Anonymous Coward
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11/17/2012 03:58 PM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
I don't doubt that you believe your own opinion, since you've offered nothing else as factual evidence for reference.
kinich kan balam (OP)

User ID: 27316347
United States
11/18/2012 01:08 AM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Well Mr. Annoying Coward from the USA try this piece of Evidence on: (not trying too hard to be rude just stating the obvious and direct however hurt your feelings I am doubtful you have any worth hurting)

Pg. 50 The bearded White God of Ancient America: Quetzalcoatl
Chapter XIV
Of the great eclipse and earthquake that the Indians mention as having observed in these regions, which seems to have been that of the death of Jesus Christ.
"They say that 166 years after the correction of their calendar, at the beginning of the year that was indicated with the hieroglyph of the House in the number ten,...
(my own personal table of Aztec Year correlation based on Ixtliloxochitl's arrangement of Aztec year-bearers Reed,Rabbit ,House, and Flint, the Bacabs that rotate the leap year with one day out of time every 364 days.)
12 Reed 71 AD
11 Rabbit 70 AD
10 House 69 AD year of crucifixion earthquakes and Eclipse,
9 flint 68 AD
8 reed 67 AD
7 rabbit 66 AD
...being a full moon, the sun was eclipsed at midday, the solar body being totally covered, such that the earth became darkened so much that the stars appeared an it seemed like night, and at the same time an earthquake was felt as horrible as they had ever experienced." ---top of page 51, Donald W. Hemingway quoting from Historia Antigua Mexico / Ancient America Rediscovered Trustee Attorney General Don Mariano Fernandez de Echevarria y Vetia.

The calendar was correct for in 97 BC or the year 5097 years from Aztec year of Creation. 97 BC - 166 years after this correction = +69 or 69 AD.

And yet, on the following page 51 of The bearded White God of Ancient America: Quetzalcoatl, speaking of the Crucifixion of Christ and the event of the Earthquake and Eclipse:
"...this event should be placed in the year 4066 of the world, which was indicated with this character as can be seen in the tables, and precisely 166 years after the adjustment of the calendar; and because of the circumstances surrounding this eclipse and earthquake, it was impossible for it to be any other than that which was observed at the death of Jesus Christ Our Lord, having suffered it in the thirty-third year of his age, and so it seems that the incarnation of the Word should be placed in the year 4034 of the World, which the Indians indicated with the same hieroglyph of the House in the number 4.."

4 house 37 AD
3 flint 36 AD
2 reed 35 AD
13 house 33 AD
This is taken from the same Aztec-year bearer list I made

And it shows that 4034 - 37 4 house = 3997 = 1 AD, so if that is so 4066 = 69 AD, since , 3997 +69 = 4066 and 4066 was the year from creation to which the Crucifixion/Earthquake/Eclipse/three hours darkness from 6-9
"At the sixth hour darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour." - Mathew, xxvii
"Thus the first hour was from 6-9, the third from 9-12.."--
I've tried to limit my quoting where possible. The Elipse data pertaining to the 69 AD eclipse, is, in the paper by Aveni and Calnek, found here: [link to www.mexicauprising.net]
is off by 228 or 229 years where the authors place the same eclipse in the Aztec Year 5266 from creation under the sign of 1 house (tulteca calendar) instead of 10 house to which it was by the mixtec calendar. Aveni and Calnek have the year of the earthquake and eclipse in AD 298.

The difference between 4066 and 5266 is 1200 years, yet both counts identify the year 69 as the year of the Tempest/Storm (Earthquake and Eclipse) and Crucifixion.
This places Creation in BC 5197 and BC 3997, and the reason for this is to establish a generation 800 years and then a half generation of 400 years from Adam that totals the two counts of the timing of the Crucifixion.

A third model of the timing of the Crucifixion links a date of 31 or 32 BC into the picture, this is because of the fact 31 + 69 = 100 years and if we subtract 100 years from 5266 years from Creation, we are left with 5166, or, 5000 years of history of Adam + the 166 years after the Toltec teachers adjusted their calendar (in 5097) or 97 BC, now we say it was in the year 5000, it makes 5197 - 5166 = 31 BC.

I believe the same problem occurred for the year 132 BC, year of founding of HueHuetlapallan, which should be in the year 97 but is off by 35 + 2 years (added for bc-ad transition) = 37 = 4 House, 32 years from 69 AD.

The better example to make my argument is 132 BC -97 BC = 35
And 69 AD - 35 = 34 AD. Where 35 years on the AD side and BC side of Christ's Timeline is the same! SO, as 132 BC was confused for the astrological conference in Huehuetlapallan (Palenque?) for the true 97 BC placement, the Crucifixion was equally misplaced from its true placement by the Indians in AD 69 and put in 34 AD.

"The day, on which the last sun appeared, bore the sign tochtli (rabbit); and the Mexicans reckon eight hundred and fifty years from this epocha to 1552. Their annals go back as far as the fifth sun." -- Alexander von Humboldt [link to olivercowdery.com]

1552 - 850 = 702 AD = 1 Rabbit
978 AD =The Earthquake Sun began in the year 1 Tochtli 978 A.D. [link to www.utexas.edu]
978 AD - 702 AD = 276 years
Year 276 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. At the time it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Gurges and Clepsina (or, less frequently, year 478 Ab urbe condita). The denomination 276 BC for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. [link to en.wikipedia.org]
978 - 911 = 67 + 2 for Ad-BC conversion of dates = 69 AD

1208 AD (death of Quetzalcoatl as morning star) - 296 (phantom missing time/calendrenic manipulation) = 911 (end of missing time) -68 (Crux) = 843 (Quetzalcoatl's prophecy) - 614 (beginning the 296 of missing time) = 229 (missing time between Eclipse Record from AD 298 - AD 69.

And I will continue to give examples as evidence from books.

Last Edited by kinich kan balam on 11/19/2012 08:51 PM
Jesus Christ
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
I just now discovered something amazing about how my correlation of Jesus's Crucifixion ties in with the history of Quetzalcoatl. Let me back track to the works of Ixtliloxchitl
[link to www.ancientamerica.org]
16. It had been 166 years since they had adjusted their calendar with the equinox and 270 years since the giants had been destroyed when the sun and the moon eclipsed and the earth quaked and rocks were broken into pieces and many other signs that had been given came to pass, although man was not destroyed. This was in the year Ce Calli, which, adjusted to our calendar, happened at the same time that Christ, our Lord, was crucified. And they say that this destruction occurred in the first few days of the year. 11
11. The Book of Mormon records the same date for the great destruction at the time of the crucifixion of Christ: "And it came to pass in the thirty and fourth year, in the first month, on the fourth day of the month, there arose a great storm, such as one as never had been known in all the land." (3 Nephi 8:5)

So I know that's a lot of quoting but here is my table of Aztec Years again to discover where Ce Calli or ONE HOUSE lies in the scheme of things.

1 House 4070 from creation, year AD 73 Mixtec Calendar
(10 House 4070 from creation, year AD 73 Tulteca Calendar)

13 Flint 4069.......................AD 72
12 Reed 4068 ......................AD 71
11 Rabbit 4067.......................AD 70
10 House 4066 = year.................AD 69
(1 House 4066 from creation, year AD 69 Tulteca Calendar)

Ixtliloxochitl says the event happened in 1 house, and Boturini says the crucifixion earthquake happened in 10 house. Both are correct depending on Tulteca or Mixtec sacred maya counts of Tzolkin, called short-count mol-box-katun in colonial and pre colonial times.

The example of the Return of Quetzalcoatl:

"Although they do not say the exact number of years that had gone by after the great eclipse until the appearance of this venerable man (white bearded man of good stature come to these regions dressed in an ankle length tunic adorned with red crosses, barefoot, his head uncovered, and a staff in his hand, whom some call Quetzalcohuatl, others Cocolcan/Kukulkan, and others Hueman.), they indicate the hieroglyphic of the year, which was the Reed in the number 1, and in the suppositions of its having been the eclipse that occurred at the death of Jesus Christ, which we have placed in the year 33 from the incarnation, the first one after it that is indicated with the reed in the number 1 is that of 63 AD, 30 years after the eclipse, as can be seen in the tables."

this is from page 54 beginning chapter XV and perhaps as interesting as the numbers to me, is the description of Quetzalcoatl as 'a just and holy man' who, 'taught law, counseling, and penitence,' taught with the cross, rocks and poles in his exhoneration of the mystery of the stone triad of the gods (3 AS 1) as paraphrased from page 55
Ok, here I will prove his

47 AD.....1 Reed year 4044 Arrival of 1 Reed Quetzalcoatl
59 AD.....13 Reed year 4056 (Crucifixion? Boturini)
63 AD.....4 Reed..year 4060 (Improper date of 1 Reed)
69 AD......10 House year 4066 Jesus Ananius, Biblical Jesus

so the the year 47 AD was the arrival of One Reed Ce Actal Quetzalcoatl. who was born, check this out, 635 years from his arrival in 47 AD, going back to the date of 588 BC when supposedly Quetzalcoatl was born in the 3409 of Creation, which has been misunderstood as 3409 BC, even by myself. As of this writing I am impressed how the count that I have discovered from 47 Ad reaches to the year 1555 when 1 Reed was substituted out for 1 IX and the year-bears of the south of the Gateway family were used, as understood in the times of the Spanish Conquest, they were KAN,MULUC,IX,CAUAC.
Unfortunately for history, the year 63 AD was stamped with the date of 1 Reed, causing a 16- year reversal of the truth?
"18. It had been 305 years since the time of the eclipsing of the sun and the moon, 438 years since the time of the destruction of the large Quinametzin, and 5,486 years since the creation of the world, when Chalcatzin and Tlacamihtzin, chief leaders and descendants of the Tulteca royal lineage, following many years of quiet peace, commenced to desire the usurpation of the kingdom, desiring to overthrow the legitimate successor. This was the year 13 Acatl/REED." --IXTLILOXOCHITL

1427 is the year when Chalcatzin and Tlacamihtzin overthrew the successor. 5486-1427 = 4059
59 AD.....13 Reed year 4056 (Crucifixion? Boturini)
62 AD.....3 Rabbit.. year 4059
63 AD.....4 Reed..year 4060 (Improper date of 1 Reed)

If 1427 were the correct date then 1 Ad = 4059 which it was 62 years off from the true 1 AD of 3997 years from creation, as previously proven from the date of 4066 = 69 AD

For evidence of 1427 being 13 Reed see Codex Xolotl and the timetable of Ixtliloxochitl
[link to www.mexicauprising.net]

However, the date given in the table as Creation Year of the Aztec 6396 = 1427 is 910 year different than 5486 = 1427.

So, let say 4059 = 1 AD and we add the eclipse of 69 AD to reach 4128 as our date, which is 62 years more than 4066 or the old date of the eclipse, i.e. in 69. 4128 plus 305 years = 4433 - 4059 = 374 - 69 = 305.

also, 69 + 438 years since the destruction of giants, which was in the same year as the earthquake, eclipse of the sun and moon and Crucifixion of Christ! So that makes the year 507 the year, 910 + 10 years more (4066-4056 = 10, twin crucifixion dates, one on 10 house and one on 13 Reed) = 920
507 + 920 years thrown-off = 1427 13 Reed year 6396.
Guess what year 507 is using the same zero of 5197 that finds 6396 = 1427 AD? Year AD 507 = year 5704? In other words was year 507 really year 704? the difference of 197 Years? That is certainly how it is against the Byzantine Calendar that places 0 AD in about 5507 + 197 = 5704.
The year 5493 = 0 AD in the Alexandrian Era, so + 7 AD = 5500 of Creation, and 5486 = -7 BC of Creation, funny how it also can be = 1427 AD. So what happened cosmologically in 507? Ring Nebula explosion!

"In 2007, October 7, according to Greenwich Observatory in
England, the Ring Nebula was very active somewhere about 1500 years ago or about 507 AD, roughly between the VI or VII century" --.D. M. URQUIDI "A Ten-Sun-Day" PDF

507 + 296 (missing time factor/phantom) = 803 + 676 (Aztec Age) = 1479 = 13 Reed and end of Aztec Stone "keystone" year.
803 - 365 (Aztec Age) = 438 was the year 507 AD to the maya/aztec who considered the Crucifixion the new zero place in Creation, at the Death/Ascension of Jesus Christ.

Another way the dating works
3997 Aztec/Maya - 235 = 3762 Jewish
year 400 AD = year 4397, but 235 years further finds
year 635 AD = year 4397 using Jewish
year 47 AD = year 4044 using Aztec/Maya Return of Quetzalcoatl
year 4044 - 635 = 3409 Birth of Quetzalcoatl
635-47 = 588 BC + 3409 = 3997 = 0 AD in Aztec Maya system
588-38 = 550 = 3447 = Noah? 950 from 4397 0 AD in Toltec
550 BC - 676 = 126 AD + 312 = 438 AD + 364 = 802 AD + 676 = 1478 AD = 2028 years of Aztec Calendar Stone Ages 1-4

97 BC (Calendar change adjusted to Equinox) + 47 AD (Return of Quetzalcoatl) = 144 total years.

More confusion from

4048 = 5 Reed = 51 AD + 75 = 126 AD
4051 = 8 Rabbit = 54 AD + 72 = 126 AD
4054 = 11 House = 57 AD + 69 = 126 AD

75 AD is an alternate date for events in 69 AD where the first age is pushed backward 676 years, finds 601 BC where typically the end of the Jaredites/Nephi coming to America is placed. From 75 AD the years of the Aztec Stone Calendar become 387 AD 751 AD and 1427 and 52 years further finds 1479.

Another cycle of the 2028 years ends 1558 - 52 = 1506 -676 = 830 - 312 = 518 - 364 = 154 - 676 = 522 BC

These rendition of the Aztec Ages in the Calendar Stone allows for the following quote of Ixtliloxochitl to make sense, where he states the following:

14. It had been 158 years since the great hurricane and 4,964 years since the creation of the world, when there occurred another destruction in this land. 10 The people who lived in this comer of the land, which they now call New Spain, were giants called Quinametzin. The destruction consisted of a great earthquake that swallowed up and killed the people when the high volcanic mountains erupted. All of the people were destroyed and no one escaped; or if anyone did escape, it was those who were in the internal parts of the land. Many Tultecas, along with the Chichimecas, who were their neighbors, were killed. This was in the year Tecpatl, and they called this time period Tlacchitonatiuh, which means sun of the earth."

10. (This destruction appears to be the same referred to in verse 16, which dates to the exact time the destruction occurred at the death of Christ. (3 Nephi 8:5) The dating here, however, is inconsistent.

Again the answer is produced in the 11 year difference of the Mixtec Calendar begun a 13 Reed in 11 AD; I have a 13 Reed in 7 AD

5486 - 4964 (Cross calculation of Ixtliloxochitl's #18 and #14 see quotes above) = 522 (BC) start. and 676 years - 158 =518 - 11 = 507 either date words for the great Hurricane that ended the third age.
518 - 69 AD Crucifixion, then 449 years remain in the difference between events.

"19. They were exiled, and there began to be wars, and they cast them out of the City of Tlachicalzincan, in the region of Hueytlapallan, their homeland. And they were cast out with their families and allies, their men as well as their women, and a great number were exiled. They left in the year following Ce Tecpatl, banished from all that land, as you will see in that which follows. And this transpired, according to our calculations, 449 years after the birth of our Christ the Lord.13"

And this is despite footnote 13 reading:
13. If the date of the exile of the Tultecas is 305 years from the 34 AD eclipse, then the above date would be 339 AD instead of 449 AD. If we attempt to correlate the record-keeping Tultecas with the record-keeping Nephites,the 339AD exile date is close to the exile of the Nephites from the Land Southward at 350 AD. (Mormon 2:28-29),rhe 449 AD date is closer to the 385 AD battle at Cumorah and the 421 AD closing date in the Book of Mormon.

As you can see, as is plainly evident, these historians, although as brilliant as myself have all failed in reconfiguring the proper tables to discern the very statements that were made by the Indians or the Indians transcribers who, themselves, often failed to understand properly the statements referring to the passing of time. Only now do the words and "it came to pass" seem strangely bewitched, naked and deranged from the (their) original chronological import.

Thank you once again.
Jesus Christ
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
"Now the Nephites Began to Reckon Their Time from This Period When the Sign Was Given, or from the Coming of Christ:"

In 3 Nephi 2:6-8 we find the following:
"And six hundred and nine years had passed away since Lehi left Jerusalem. And nine years had passed away from the time when the sign was given, which was spoken of by the prophets, that Christ should come into the world. Now the Nephites began to reckon their time from this period when the sign was given, or from the coming of Christ; therefore, nine years had passed away."

Each of these quotes is found at [link to stepbystep.alancminer.com]

"According to Warren and Ferguson, if Lehi and his companions left Jerusalem in 597 B.C., and 600 years later the Savior was born in Bethlehem, then the Savior's birth should be in A.D. 2 or 3."

"According to the Nephite record, the Nephites used the birth of Christ as a new and additional zero point from which to count the years (3 Nephi 2:7-8) . . . The Mesoamericans adjusted their calendar in A.D. 6 when a mass planetary conjunction occurred. A mass planetary conjunction occurs when the five visible (to the human eye) planets arise on the eastern horizon at the same time: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. This phenomenon occurs every 179-180 years. Nine years back from A.D. 6 is 4 B.C., the year suggested by some as the birth of Christ. [Bruce W. Warren and Thomas Stuart Ferguson, The Messiah in Ancient America, pp. 67-68] [See Appendix A--Chronology]"

The method the Nephites used to preserve the date of Christ as a new and additional Zero Point from which to count the years was like so:
3997 = 1 AD , year 4000 = 3 AD , year 4004 = 7 AD.

6 AD = 1 FLINT, and 7 AD was 13 REED.

13 REED did not fall in AD 11, in fact the Mixtec Calendar was the calendar that began in 6 or 7 AD.

The year 597 BC was therefore = 3400 of Creation. So 600 years later is year 4000 or 3 AD.

But, the Sign of Quetzalcoatl's Return was in AD 47, 44 year after Christ's Birth. Christ must (may) have died aged 66 (double 33), in AD 69, which would equal 666 years from 597 when Lehi left Jerusalem.

Quetzalcoatl was born in 3409 years from Creation or in 597-9 = 588 BC.
The sign of his return was 635 years later in 47 AD.

Yet the time differential between birth (1 Reed) and Return (1 Reed) must equal 11 periods of 52 years or 572 years,

like so, 4616 (1 REED) - 572 = 4044 (AD 47, 1 Reed)

3997 - 4616 = 619 + 47 (1 Reed) = 666
572 + 47 (1 Reed) = 619 (609 + 10) I refer to the original quote of 609 years passing with 9 more.

47 (sign) plus 9 = 56 = 4053 Year - 609 = 3444, 35 years before birth of quetzalcoatl

553 BC = 609 - 56 AD = Quetzalcoatl aged 35 in 553 BC

"Jesus spent some 16 - 17 years in Nazareth or India with no records or stories supporting it."

47 AD = Sign of Quetzalcoatl's Return: 4044
69 AD = Death/Crucifixon of Jesus Christ: 4066

Year 3400 = Lehi left Jerusalem
Year 4066 = Jesus on the Cross
-666 years difference.

"The end of the Jaredite account cannot be dated without question either. Ether 11:20—21 implies that the later immigrant peoples (of Zarahemla and of Lehi) had not yet reached the promised land in America at a time just before Ether, the last Jaredite prophet, was born. On the other hand Coriantumr, the final Jaredite king, "was discovered by the people of Zarahemla; and he dwelt with them for the space of nine moons." (Omni 20—21) We know that the arrival of the people of Zarahemla was some time after 556 B.C., the date of the fall of Jerusalem from which that group of people fled." --- [link to maxwellinstitute.byu.edu]

John L. Sorenson has the date of 556 BC instead of 597 BC, a difference of 41 years. If the Mixtec began in 6 or 7 AD then 41 year further find 47 AD, which I consider "the Sign". 41 AD is also the time of the 8th Baktun in the Long Count.

600- 556 = 44, preserves the 4044 = Year 47, because the Calendar had begun -3 years prior to the year 4000.
Also the year "500" is preserved as well in 3400-3900 = 597 - 97 BC, where 97 BC is the foundation of HueHueTlapallan's Astronomical Conference, that was also in "year 5097" from Creation when the Creation date is 5197.
97-56 = 41.

3997 - 556 = 3441 , Quetzalcoatl Aged 32.
5197 - 556 = 4641, 1200 years difference in counts
556 +47 = 603

Google: "562 and Lehi"
--"Nebuchadnezzar [604-562 BC] Great King of Babylon Empire (Ancient Iraq)".
--here he is finally released from prison in 562 BC, II Kings 25:27
--Jehoiachin's captivity must have begun on 599 BC (562 + 37). .... Quoted by John P. Pratt in "Lehi's 600-year Prophecy of the Birth of Christ,"

562 BC plus 47 AD = 609 years

The Abbe Domenech:
" After the enfranchisement of the Olmecs, a man named Quetzalcoatl arrived in the country, whom Garcia,Torquemada, Sahagun, and other Span- ish writers took to be Saint Thomas. It was also at that time that the third age ended, and that the fourth began, called Sun of the fire, because it was supposed that it was in this last stage that the world would be destroyed by fire." ----Bancroft, pg. 270 Native Races.

enfranchisement of the Olmecs = 97 BC
Arrival of Quetzalcoatl = 47 AD (144 years from above)
Crucifixion of Christ = 69 AD = Third age ends, fourth begins

69 + 1,716 (length of world age) = 1785 AD = 216 = 2001
= End of Age.

1716 - 69 = 1647 BC
3760 - 3113 = 647
5197 - 550 = 4647
"647" = 600 Plus "47"
Prophecy of Lehi's 600 years plus the sign at 47 AD


IxtlilxochitFs history is recorded in the Chichimec calendar system, which was initiated in AD 647. Unfortunately, he uses the same system for earlier dates than that, when he begins his migration account with the year 13 Reed 320 AD. (The latter date, incidentally, also marked the beginning of the Fourth World Age [Obras, 1:15].) The process lasted until AD 441, when some of the migrants arrived at Tula in northern Oaxaca. They next spent six years building their capital at that place, then selected their first king in AD 447 (see Table 1).

Other researchers have said the first king was elected in 515 AD, 68 years later.
515 AD is 468 years or 9 periods of 52 years from AD. 47

The difference in dates of Quetzalcoatl's birth are 3409 BC - 2896 BC = 513 years total


The birth of a very early Quetzalcoad Huematzin Nmie Wind is dated to 2896 BC in the Codex Vienna, p. 4. Nine years later, in 2887 BC, he is shown descending to the earth after a heavenly consultation (p. 5). As time passed, that particular Quetzalcoad became an ancestral focus of worship.

But the Quetzalcoatl Huematzin Nine Wind of Ixtlilxochitrs account is a much later person. Born around AD 250, he is described as white and bearded and wear­ing a long tunic (Obnu, 1:21, 29). Around AD 284 he is shown preaching his doctrine to Ulmeca‑Xicalanca peo­ple in the area of Cholulu, Puebla. Ixtlilxochitl calls him the first historian and refers to him as an astrologer (pp. 18, 20, 29, 31). He is credited with painting a sacred history of the Tultecas on a codex called the Teoamoxtli or divine book, about AD 550. He was nearly 300 years old when he died shortly afterwards. (Pp. 31, 32).
[link to www.ancientamerica.org]

There is a lot to go into here in order to explain the dates pertaining to Quetzalcoatl. Let's go over the basic points.

250 - 284 = 34 years he taught
2896- 2887 = 9 years descent to earth
(Pyramids 3485 BC - 2887 BC = 598 years similar to the 597 from a different prophecy?
3997 - 2887 = 1110 years
3997 - 2896 = 1101 years
3997 - 4 BC (example of Christ's birth) = 3993
993 BC = Ukishkan feathered serpent in lineage of Quetzalcoatl.
1101 - 993 = 108 years
3997 - 993 = 3004 - 4004 = 1,000 years
988 (676+312,628+360) = Ages of Hindu Maya correlation
987 Alternate birth of Ukishkan; Enoch years lifted to God.
988-588 (400 years separating births of Quetzalcoatl in 588 and beginning of the first world in 988.
964-955 BC 9 year difference in ending beginning of First (676) and/or third Maya ages (312).
964 +69 = 1033 (possible source of confusion 1,000 years and 33

550 BC plus 550 AD = 1100
550 AD plus 47 AD = 597
3997 + 619 (550 years + (from) 69 AD) = 4616 =
619 - 572 = 47 , so 47 AD 1 Reed plus 572 = 4616 years after creation.
"572 = 11 x 42" standard age length.

4616 = first use of the Reed and feather
Jesus Christ
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
i met a dude in #ascension on IRC back in the day who said Jesus visited south America in person and he was sure of it
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
i met a dude in #ascension on IRC back in the day who said Jesus visited south America in person and he was sure of it
Anonymous Coward
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
And Sooooo......wakeup

Doom? slaphim or slaphim no DOOM? slaphim
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Here I will go into more detail about the year 4616

"They say after this Toltec rebellion occurred more than six hundred years after the correction of their calendar, in a year that was indicated with the hieroglyph of a reed, which according to the tables seems to have been the year of the world 4616 of the world, which is the first one found in it indicated with this hieroglyph, counting the six hundred years after the correction of their calendar, and it corresponded with the year 583 of Jesus Christ; and the civil war having lasted thirteen years until their depature from Tlachicatzin, they place this departure in the year of a flint, which precisely corresponds to the year 596 of the Christian era, and adding the other eight years that they continued the war until their last flight, it seems that their flight must be placed in the year 604, and the founding of Tlapalanconco in the same year."
--pg. 190 Ancient America Rediscovered: An Historical Look at this Ancient Land... By Mariano Veytia.

So, 4616 - 583 gives us the year Veytia is working with for the year the Christians numbered their years with 1 AD = 4033
years from Creation , as one can see, this makes the the year of the crucifixion in 4066 years from Creation , the year 33 AD. However, the year 1 AD was never considered = to 4033. The year 1 AD was actually acquainted with three different years in the Toltec-Olmec-Maya and Aztec systems. Those years are 5197, 4396 and 3997. When we take the middle one, of 4396 years which is 363 different from 4033

"An inscription on the temple wall, which Prof. Sayce thinks a late invention of the priests, declares that in the 363rd year of Ra-Harmachis on earth, he fled from the rebels who had risen against him in Nubia and found refuge in Edfu. Thereafter, his followers smote the enemies of their leader from the southern to the northern boundary of Egypt." -- [link to www.wisdomworld.org]

we find further that the year that ended the third age (year 4992 from Creation) is considered by some to be 596 AD.

According to:
"The post-Contact Codice Mexicanus refers to 1570 AD as 4682 years after 1 Flint 3112 BC."

In which case year 4616 = 1504 AD
In which case 28 x 52 = 1456 + 47 = 1503 AD = 1 Reed year

Let's try another way.
3997 +619 = 4616
619 - 1503 = 884

"Anyway we know that (885 years) was lost at 2589.bC-3474 BC and replaced by "khufu time" and the solar calendars and sun temples. Both dates being given." --Paulo Riven revised "Fields of Ephron" Chronology.
*885 missing years "modernized" in parenthesis.

Interestingly his date for the murder of Jasa (his Jesus), was in 3474 BC, 885 years from Khufu in 2589 BC.

3474 -3409 = 65 years after or before Quetzalcoatl's birth
If quetzalcoatl = Enoch, then this is interesting that Enoch lived 365 and quetzalcoatl 300 and the difference is 65.

3997 - 3474 = 523 +47 = 570 years

Or when the story of Solon and Atlantis was in circulation Before Christ times. (maybe getting 'off track'!)

3997 + 619 years which is 550 + 69 = 4616

47 Plus 503 years = 550 = when Quetzalcoatl wrote a book.

550 (book)-284 (teaching at age 34) = 266th year after teaching he painted the book.
5000 - 5266 (the 266 years from 197 BC to 69 AD)

"... the great mounds came to be built by the lineages and all the things which the rulers did. They were the ones who built the mounds. It took thirteen katuns and six years for them to construct them. The following was the beginning of the mounds they built. Fifteen four-hundreds were the scores of their mounds, and fifty more made the total count of the mounds they constructed all over the land."
THE BOOK OF CHILAM BALAM OF CHUMAYEL, Ralph L. Roys, 1933, Carnegie Institution Washington D.C.

I believe the correct dating for the construction of the mounds is from 516 AD - 782 AD. These are 266 years, 13 Katun are 260 years plus 6. The Katun 11 Ahau is dated to 1539 AD, November 12th.

(Nov. 12th day before my birthday month-day)
(I grew up with mailbox number 782, later in Santa Cruz, when I possessed an Emerald Tablet I added the father's column Pillar of Fire, and it totaled 782) -personal info.

The Irony is that if Quetzalcoatl's birth is correct in 250 AD then 266 years forward finds 516 AD and another 266 years finds 782 AD; if time is off by 884 years or 885 years as Paulo Riven suggests, then 782 was = to the year 1666 AD!

It is easier to believe the mounds were built from 516- 782 than it is to think they were built 1539 + 266 = 1804

In which case 3997 + 782 = 4779 = the day the sun stood still. And I checked that an 8 Rabbit year fell in 54 AD and 782 AD. 782-69 = 713
5492 Alexandrian Era 1 AD - 713 = 4779 day sun stood still.

I will gladly admit that I originally predicated and evaluated the day of 8 Rabbits to be in 418 BC! And it was according to the 5197 correlation. Yet by this newest date for the day when the sun was bit by a mosquito, 782, is 1200 years off from 418 BC. What is more, 782 is 300 years from 482 the date of founding of Tula, the year that we called the end of Quetzalcoatl's life in 551 AD (482 +69)

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Jesus Christ
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
Yes, Yes, all of this evidence is too bittersweet for some.... to see the entwined logic..
Well, the Doom or no Doom has to do with keeping history a secret agenda the way it is now or letting the truth be revealed and re-writing that history. Actually the internet makes some histories an open book, with the possibility of someone such as myself re-evaluating it, I concur with the event of 9/11 and why it was done. Perhaps the year is 1012 AD and not 2012. At the very least it is the year 1715. Or, 1943... What ever year it is matters not, it is the fact that there is still fighting going on in the middle East. Do you think someone like me stating the proofs to Jesus' Crucifixion and Arrival of Quetzalcoatl in the New World can change that?

And the aftermath of 9/11? The data I have on that subject could easily end all war.

The book of Revelation has been fulfilled by Quetzalcoalt and his 19 men. the Fire Serpents were the Airplanes which were part of the mathematical wizardry that indicated a target that is a hypercube, a target that is the target, a target that is ground plan for Atlantis and the symbol of the New Jerusalem.

Will the bottemless pit of Revelation by sealed by a tower to our freedoms, 1,776 feat tall? where every 1,000 year he is let out, and exercised? probably. 1776-296 = 1480 = Top date carved on Aztec Sun Stone.

We have buffered ourselves from the history of the past repeating by 1,296 years. We choose a year composed of 885 years of missing time together with three sets of 297 years on top to that. 1776 AD. We pushed the Olympiads back to 776 BC and add a thousand years to that. We took the date of the maya calendar beginning in 3113 BC and added 891 years (297 X 3) to it to find 4004 BC.

If people believed an inch of what I had to say then maybe we can avoid the doom. lack of mathematical understanding of history = more zombie people who want doom and more doom or a quick answer to their problems in 2012.

Sorry error 404 . Everything you know and overheard is probably wrong. I'm not sorry if that is too doomy a picture or pill for you to swallow. My information can change the doom, but I have only scratched the surface.

1539 = 11 Katun - 47 AD 1 Reed = 1492

The Golden Reed of Revelations, the true HERO/HERU will have that understanding that seems to define the Creative Intelligence of the Universe. How Long is the REED? How many degrees in the cubes corner? How Long is the Read? With no understanding neither answer will please the audience. You must have ears of gold to hear, because those who listen well also overcome and inherit the Kingdom.
Jesus Christ
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11/21/2012 12:28 AM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
You lost me pal. Try using different words this time to describe whatever it is you are trying to describe.
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11/21/2012 01:04 AM
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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
The key numbers are 6 and 9
666 and 999
217 = 6x6x6 plus 1 plus 782 (pillar of Fire) = 999

the 1,000 years of Devil or Christ are chained to
the old egyptian years of Gods reigned 217 years.

116 + 666 = 782

the 116 years are difference of putting 3114 BC back to 4113 which is 999 years more.

3997 plus 116 = 4113

1776 is a good year to start an illuminated history sequence because 1776 = 999 +777 not 666.

This is probably not the answer your looking for. How can I say it? 1000 Plus 1000 plus 1 = 2001
1000 for the devil, 1000 for Christ and 1 for time to do something that honors the original crucifixion that began
in 69 AD plus 1,716 (Aztec world Age) = 1785 AD plus 216 = 2001 = Time for God to attack, time for people who want to play God to attack as well.

Masons and Extra Terrestrial Intel did 9/11
The code is in Crop circles
the code is all over TV
the code is in a million movies. and books.

The following is my blog that has never generated a response:

The Economic Aftermath of 9/11
[link to economyof911code.blogspot.com]

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Re: Jesus Crux of Fiction 69 AD
"And afterwards, those who escaped the destruction of the third age, in the ruins of it, built a temple to Quetzalcoatl, whom they placed as god of the air, because of the air having been the cause of their destruction, they understanding that this calamity was sent from his hand; and they also called him Ce Acatl (one reed), which was the name of the year of his coming. And it appears by the histories mentioned and by the annals, that the above-mentioned occurred a few years after the Incarnation of Christ our Lord; and since this time, the fourth age entered here, which they said was called Tletonatiuh, which means sun of fire, because they said that this fourth age of the world is to end by fire."(Ibid., I:529-530) --Hemingway pages 43-44 , his chapter on Fernando de Alva Ixtlilxochitl. This is from the book, "the Bearded White God of Ancient America: Quetzalcoatl"

And a key statement is made on page 43, speaking of Huemac or Quetzalcoatl of the Large Hands, "Who, after he left, a few days later the destruction and devastation mentioned of the third age of the world occurred"

So what we glean is that the earth quake occurred a few years after the incarnation of Christ, but also after Quetzalcoatl left, the destruction was a few days later.

"The granddaddy of the pyramids in Mesoamerica, La Venta, is located at the top of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec along the Gulf of Mexico. The largest-based pyramid in the world is located at Cholula, Puebla, between Veracruz and Mexico City and, according to Ixtlilxochitl, was built with the same idea as was the great Tower of Babel. The pyramid of Cholula was destroyed by a massive earthquake at the time of Christ." (Ixtlilxochitl:42)

The arrival of Quetzalcoatl was in AD 47, 16 years later was the year of the Earthquake that destroyed Cholula, in AD 69.
Because these dates are 16 years apart it may be so, that Quetzalcoatl arrived in AD 47 and stayed for 16 years, and therefore left in AD 69, days before the tempest/Earthquake.

As I just now discovered year AD 47 is 800 years from the founding of the Roman Empire in 753 BC!, In fact I have discovered the origin of the 800 years between counts Aztec Creation year of 5197 and Toltec creation year of 4396.

The idea of the Generations of Adam came from the Arrival of Quetzalcoatl, 800 years from 753 BC.

I remembered the person from earlier on in the thread, stated that they heard about the story of Jesus Christ visiting South America? Here is the evidence:

"A man, who was simply named Yisodini or ‘savior’ by the people, rose to leadership by bringing in many large amounts of food from over the Andes mountains. He came with such bounty that the people of Tastil made him their leader, though they had no idea of his origin. Yisodini, being in control of a large supply line of food in the region, moved out into neighboring city states and brought them under his hegemony. This leader also brought the kinds of weapons that had been common place in lands in Central America to the north but were completely unfamiliar to these people. Yisodini, who brought rule and subsistence to the people of this area though it was through warfare, became a mythical figure even during his lifetime. Yisodinin rose to power at around the year 1196 (443 AD) and had his origins in the Chimu Kingdom. Yisodini was a military general who ranked such a prestigious reputation for his tactical brilliance that he wanted to be named the Prince and heir to the throne of the Chimu Kingdom." --- [link to althistory.wikia.com]

At the above website alternative history of wikipedia somebody else has already established the concept that the Maya dates are 753 years off. When Yisodinin rose to power at around the year 1196, this was the year AD 443; in other words the year 1196 has its zero point in 753 BC. The year 4001 is 1196 years away from the Toltec Creation date of 5197 BC. This is how the Masonic Age of Light is a basically a literary device employed to offset the year of a powerful Christ like King of South America who reigned in the year 4440 of Creation using the date kept by the Mixtec that was 884 years older than the fourth world age of 3113 BC. I suppose I get what I ask for, that is, an answer for where the 884 years originate. Well, now I see the light on How Quetzalcoatl was born in 250 AD, if his year of Arrival is 3113 BC (is AD 1) + 47 AD = year of creation 3160, instead of 4044, then, the birth year of 3409 makes most sense as it is the year 249/250 after 47 AD which was the sign to which was counted after the Birth of Christ; really puts Quetzalcoatl's birth at 203 AD, but since zero was now 47 AD and 800 years from 753, Quetzalcoatl born in 250 years from AD 47, so AD. 297. SO the birth of Quetzalcoatl and his distance from the start of the fourth age was separated by the 297 years that are said to manipulate (like a giant invisible hand of God) History with the Phantom of missing time. This really is a great discovery.
And I thank the gentleman who urged this discovery to happen through the lifted veil.
Jesus Christ