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Message Subject Palestinians Beg UN - Obama to Side With Muslims If Political Winds Shift...Here We Go!!!!
Poster Handle -GLP-Christian-
Post Content
I stand with Palestine.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1428203

Yes, please go stand there with them.
 Quoting: my 2 cents


But I stand with Palestine too.


EDIT: Even they are muzzies.
 Quoting: Démodé

But of course you do, but you idol worshipers have always been traitors.

What are you Chrislam cultist or just regular idol worship orthodox cultist?
[link to www.christ-saviour.com]

God is not very happy with you, if you had spent more time in the Bible than bending your knee to statues and crucifixes you might have actually learned that part, so we shall see what befalls you.

Also remember that shit when they steal Serbia from you. Just like they stole Kosovo from you.

Notice how they are all moving to your land despite you giving them Bosnia, for giving them Kosovo...
Yeah stand with them, I'm sure they will let you live as a dhimmi.
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